Betjeman & Barton


I could post a dozen pictures of me and my (new found) best friend, Yvonne, sipping tea and eating cakes with pinkies sticking in the air like Queen Elizabeth & Friends, but that would be too much of a distraction to bring my main point across to you. Here is a more compact version, rather, about great teas.


I received an exclusive invite from Betjeman & Barton 10 days ago, to be enchanted with their French entremets and learn about their famous fantasy teas. What surprised me was how EACH flavor embodies a perfectly balanced blend of cultures – every sip is like entering a unique new universe! To be honest, I’m not sure if I would want to buy tea from anywhere else after being introduced to B & B.

I got one of their best sellers, The Noir Pouchkine, a fruity wonderland with real pieces of dried lychee. I recommend buying them in their exclusive tea canisters to keep your tea leaves fresh and aromatic for a long time.


{A myriad of colorful tea canisters to choose from, ideal as gifts too}


Their chocolates, truffles and cakes are all sweet delights to die for. Why not take your mum or a BFF for their Afternoon Tea Set, which is just nice for two? (:


Betjeman & Barton Tea Room is located at:

One Utama, Old Wing, G Floor, Lot G220. 


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