Luang Prabang by Foot


To experience Luang Prabang thoroughly, one will need at least two days. While some may argue it’s too little, I find it compact and just right – perfect for a neat getaway.

Upon arrival on the first day, I suggest to be gentle with your itinerary and tackle the Top 5 Things To Do In Luang Prabang first. Kuang Si waterfall is the main attraction, so it’s good to tick it off your list when you can.

After a well-rested sleep, it’s time to use the stored ambitiousness to get those glutes and thighs working! This day tour is done entirely by foot, except for the trip to the airport. Here are the 8 Must Do’s In Luang Prabang.

1. Try ALL the local Lao dishes (because you can)


Even though Lao food is rather limited in terms of variety, globetrotters can still enjoy a fresh gastronomic experience every day, as the usual travel duration in this country is around 4 days; making it perfect for you to savour all the must-try(s), and to repeat one or two that you really like before going home.


{Lao Food Guide here}

A meal like this costs 47k kip.

2. Idle by Mekong river bank 


Truthfully speaking, Mekong in Laos might not look like the prettiest river ever. However, it is one of the main attractions that’s mentioned where the name ‘Laos’ is. The best time to enjoy this moment is during sunset.


{This fun Play-Doh outfit details here}

3. Visit Wat Xieng Thong and feel like a kid again


To my surprise, there are so many fun things one can do at this temple! Being observant of what the other tourists are busy doing helps identifying them a lot.


First, is to pay tribute to this monk who resides in the wat (temple) of Xieng Thong located at the entrance. The fun(ny) part about it is that there are no English translation as to who he is or why he is featured.


After that, play Alice in Lao Wonderland by squeezing yourself into these tiny narrow wats:

IMG_8610Luang Prabang

{Top left: See how only ONE person can fit into this space at ONE given time?}

Next challenge: Find the peep hole!

IMG_8621Luang Prabang-001

{And peep inside with utmost curiosity, obviously}

Then, spot the Gaudi el drac mosaic salamander-lookalike from Park Güell in the form of a Pokemon monster:


{Am I a . . . lily?}

Role play Hansel or Gretel in this adorable batik-inspired ‘house’ and admire it’s multicolored detailing.

IMG_8623Luang Prabang-002IMG_8636

{Be part of the kaleidoscope}

 Last but not least, say hi to the naga (dragons) on the ceremonial barge.


{Don’t forget the saffron-clad Buddhas too}


Cost: Wat Xieng Thong entrance fee – 20k kip

4. Melt your tensions with a good Lao massage


Unlike Thai or Balinese massages where you get to choose the techniques you like, the Laotian does it one way and one way only – keeping it traditional, and effective.


Cost: around 50k kip per person

5. Shop local handicrafts made with a modern twist


{Anyone would love a garden concept set-up like this on a good day. Yes or yes?}

6. Visit Royal Palace Museum because you have to 


Few things to remember when visiting the palace:

  • No sleeveless or shorts allowed
  • Last entrance is at 3.30 p.m.
  • Use the locker for your DSLR – no photography allowed inside


{Admire the abundance of frangipanis, the national flower of Laos}


Truthfully speaking, the tour inside this palace museum is very brief and far from memorable.


 Cost: Entrance fee – 30k kip

7. Catch a glimpse of Phu Si’s hilltop view


No stupas are completely the same, but I’ve seen many throughout my travels in South East Asia and was feeling too slothful at the time to climb up the never-ending stairs. If you happen to be in the mood for it, please do not follow my steps.


{See the tip of the golden stupa? The flight of stairs will get you there, providing a fabulous view of Luang Prabang}

8. Go bar hopping and drink more water Lao Beer 


{Seriously – What better way to spend a hot lazy afternoon?!}


I booked a night flight to Vientiane so we bid the lovely town a romantic sunset goodbye . . .


 Cost: Tuk tuk to airport – 60k kip

 Travel budget (per person):
Lunch: 47k kip
Wat Xieng Thong entrance fee: 20k kip
Lao massage: 50k kip
Royal Palace Museum entrance fee: 30k kip
Tuk-tuk to airport: 60k kip
TOTAL: 207k kip (RM 92.72)

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