5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 Cinspirations that mark the end of ‘May’ and hopefully bring good ‘Will’ in the month of June.

1. My soul sister Ai Rene’s upcoming wedding in Turkey (!!!)


{for making me believe in fairytales again}

2. This random shot behind Low Yat plaza


{because for a sec there it reminds me dearly of Barcelona, and I’m revisiting next month specially to celebrate the magical night of Sant Joan!}

3. This mischievous shot of me and Tracy


{for reminding me of how fun it is to travel with a good girl friend, and that we didn’t have to go too far}

4. Mum’s homemade lunchbox bursting with colors


{for looking like nasi bungkus, except that it comes with an abundance of tasty lauk-pauk}

5. This candle


{for burning itself till the very end to accompany me with my Euro trip packing}


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