Merhaba, June!


The past 5-month journey of 2015 has been a friendly enemy. There was much to love, yet devoured so much glorious time. I looked back and asked myself, ‘What have you achieved?’ and the answers they scare me.

One of the biggest decisions I’ve made so far was to leave a relationship I loved dearly. I always thought love should be simple, but achieving simplicity is a dangerous dream because sometimes it lands you on flat lands.

Love, like life, is a journey (of togetherness). Journeys are made worthy and memorable with the laughs you gained from the relationship you fight for during the ups and downs. Unlike any other fights, this is a fight that is made to last. It is about cherishing, not about drama. That was a valuable lesson I learned.

Have you ever watched waves of rich memories weaved into solid years, built by strong bonds; suddenly flutter away like dandelions swept away by the strong breeze? Standing at the cliff you hear the sound of your heart tearing into two – Should you do your best to recollect, or learn to accept the fact that maybe dandelions are made to fly?

No matter what your decision is, life is about moving on forward.

* * *

Couple of years back I used to think that a lost soul has to get away to find herself. Truth: you can’t find yourself out there if you are not collected inside, or at least aware that you have to work on recollecting yourself first from within. Escapades are made for weekends. Not soul searching.

The universe one seeks can only provide time, space, and passerby(s). How smart you are in creating a better version of yourself using the given opportunity, is what really matters. Using flights as a mean to search often brings you back to a shitty reality once the travel ends. You know you’ve failed when you still feel empty after all that voyage. P.S. I must make clear that this is different from el síndrome del eterno viajero.

Today I get away with a collected self. I leave because I’ve found myself, not to find myself. The mission is to get lost because no matter where I go, I will only be lost on the map, not within.

June is when I’m embarking on my first travel alone for the entire month, where I will discover Turkey as a country, explore 3 cities namely Vienna, Prague and Budapest of Central Europe, and revisiting my favorite fairytale city Barcelona to celebrate the Magical Night of Sant Joan.

When I return from Europe, half of 2015 will be officially gone. I hope what I will gain is priceless – courage and clarity. I end this with my own personal favorite hashtag, #MakeItHappen. For you, and for me.


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