Five Cinspirations

I lie in bed, admiring the peaceful composition of sleepy furnitures idling under the hardworking, twirling fan. Surround by absolute tranquility, I can’t help but tend to a lingering smile that clings to my lips. Another tough, hazy week has gone by with É completely ironed out by work, while my lymph nodes got attacked by a severe bacteria infection.

Nonetheless, back to my smile, I am in bed at 4 p.m. because despite almost being defeated, we managed to wake up early to attend my cousin’s ROM (registration of marriage) at the ‘love temple’, where É met my relatives and extended family. Here are 5 Cinspirations I’m holding on to before Monday tags along with its unwelcoming hello.

1. The aforementioned scene of inanimate objects


{because last Friday, É came back during lunch break to bring me food, check on my fever, and keep me company just so I don’t feel too lonely spending the entire day in bed}

2. This very floral picture of us (and Kuan Yin Ma at the background)


{because a man who makes time for your family, is indeed a man worth loving}

3. This coffee discovery


{because although the coffee is bad and the pie dough raw, this café reminds me of our first runaway trip together to Ipoh}

4. This poor piglet


{for sacrificing itself to fulfill our cravings for roast pork. Sigh!}

5. This cute chick that’s too cute to be eaten


{because it is actually a dessert that mum got me and my brother from Hokkaido}


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