5 Cinspirations


The past couple of weeks had been about bailing out on friends, cancelling important appointments, moving without proper goodbyes, wiping salty tears away and moving into a . . . mess in Singapore. I owe many sorry(s) to my girl friends and even more so to myself; for being so unavailable to the people I love and also to the one thing that matters most to me: this blog. 

The transition hasn’t been smooth – the condo we picked via a Skype video call didn’t turn out to be what we expected it to be (lesson learned – NEVER select a habitat without actually seeing it), everything is either dusty or broken so we’ve been ‘living in boxes’ since we can’t unpack our lives, our agent is apparently still trying to help us, and the thought of being trapped in this 1-year contract is secretly depressing. 

You might wonder; how does this fit as an inspiration post, right? Honestly, these 5 cinspirations are more throwback than recent as life seems more beautiful then. Nonetheless, I’m positive that with the right attitude we can make the best out of the situation! 

1. This breathtaking mountain view 

Langkawi Skywalk

{because it is my homeland at its best; far away from properties, landlords, agents and boxes}

2. This coconut grater

coconut grater

{for being such a brilliant invention – no more bent spoons!}

3. This red latte & Earl Grey cake 

Three Little Birds Café

{for being the perfect late afternoon pick-me-up when I needed inspiration to continue writing}

4. My farewell gathering at work 


{for reminding me again of my team mates’ awesomeness and why we had so much fun working together}

5. The dialog that came with this random trash during our Kedahan food trip 

Malaysia trash

{Me: What’s this?!

Mum: This is Malaysia.}

P.S. Any suggestions on where to have affordable good meals in Singapore and best cafés for reading are highly appreciated at this moment. x

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  1. Good and affordable meals in the City: Cedele

    A nice place to read and drink coffee in: Any of the coffee joints along Holland Village or Dimbulah at Philip Street

    Whereabouts do you live for more location specific recommendations?

    1. Hi Jo-Mel, thank you for the suggestions. This year I’ll be living within Farrer Park. I wouldn’t mind taking the MRT to any nearby café’s as long as they provide proper chairs for reading & working (because I spend hours of my days doing that). As I’m not working yet at the moment, I’d like to save up as much as I can on meals. So if you happen to know of any hawker stalls that serve good food too, that’d be really handy! (:

      1. Farrer Park as in near Serangoon Road? There’s lots of yummy Indian food along Serangoon Road. If you trek a bit to Balestier, the market along Balestier Road has lots of yummy food. There is this Bak Kut Teh next to the market at a corner shophouse that I like (if you like clear and peppery Bak Kut Teh). Boon Keng market is also a good bet for cheap hawker food.

        For the small independent cafes, you maybe want to go either to the Tiong Bahru area or the Everton Park area (near Outram MRT station). One of my favourite waffle places is this place called Roosevelt’s at Dorset which is around there.

        If you do find yourself in the Boat Quay area on weekdays, give me a shout out if you are keen to meet up. We could have a drink or if you are keen, I can take you to yoga class! 🙂

      2. Apologies for my late reply & thank you! So much has been going on . . . I tried Founder’s BKT, Ng Ah Sio’s & Song Fa’s; prefer the 2nd the most as it is most peppery! I’ve yet to discover Balestier but I heard it’s quite cool. I MUST try Roosevelt then!!! As of late I’ve been learning more about my area; the underground shortcuts, prawn mee(s) at Pek Kio, etc. Would love to meet up one day 😀

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