Saturday Night Fever


There are days when no matter what you do, nothing feels right. Sleeping might be a good resort, but on a Friday or Saturday night, snoozing makes you feel like you’re missing out on the weekend. So, what do you do? What I discovered, is that a good musical NEVER fails to place one in a good mood; even if the traffic outside is a nightmare.


My most recent theatrical experience this year is watching Saturday Night Fever: The Musical Live in Kuala Lumpur. From the music, dancing, costumes, to the set and script, every single thing about the performance made me feel alive. Thankful I am, that Milestone Production brings hit Broadway musicals like this every now and then to Malaysia so that we don’t have to travel far and pay a fortune.


{Whether you are a 70’s kid or not, the talented cast will make you fall in love with Bee Gees again. And hey, falling in love is a nice feeling!}


{70s themed #OOTD to jive through the night}


{Bell-bottoms and glitters on disco floor lights}


{Exclusive backstage tour}


{For once, having “Night Fever” is a GREAT thing!}

Show your support to “Stayin’ Alive”. This Broadway West End Musical is playing from 4 – 13 September 2015 at Istana Budaya. Purchase your tickets here quick, because “You Should Be Dancing . . .”


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