The Test

Someone once told me that a relationship is a never-ending test; even after you’re married. I felt offended at first, just to realize the truth in it. We spend our life figuring out the person we truly are and even then, we might never truly find out; leave alone understanding a whole different person.

However, a silly yet funny argument that happened between my parents one day taught me that that someone, is wrong. Why do we need a spectator in our life to examine who we are (while we are still learning about ourselves), just to leave when s/he finds out that we too, “fart like everybody else”?

If relationship is a constant “test”, many of our parents would have been divorced by now as an experiment never promises the answers we are looking for. Does that mean we leave because the conclusion disapproves of our hypothesis, or do we stay despite all the wrong reasons because of love? And if we choose to love, why do we have to view relationships as tests, and not a book of answers written together?

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  1. bff you know what you can do? people can’t change; everyone has their idea of love and marriage. being together with someone who viewed relationship as a test, be sure you earn yourself enough credits to spend for a lifetime.

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