5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 cinspirations that made my week special.

1. Watching ‘MUD’ theater show at Panggung Bandaraya


{because my best friend Ruby was performing in this superbly entertaining play; which retaught me about the history of Kuala Lumpur (hence the name ‘Mud’) and I even got to dance on stage with the cast! Can you spot me in this picture?}

2. This feature wall


{because it was the first day of business for a new bar, Calavera in Changkat; which we just happened to chance upon and ended up loving it}

3. This eucalyptus on my office table


{especially when the florist stick a 3D ladybug on it to add joy on top of its serene scent}

4. This all black outfit perfect for lounging


{whether it is in or outdoors, this jersey material maxi + black Gizeh Birkenstock combo makes any rough day a simpler one to live by}

5. This pink eared monster


{for getting into my way while I was fixing up my Japan itinerary}

What are the 5 things that grace your week?

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