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October seems to be a festive month of publicity for Cin City. In addition to this feature for 17 magazine, i was also given a generous spread over this month’s issue of Men’s Health; talking about tips to flirt online (ehem) and how to “get the hint” when it comes to women. Along with the pictures below, i inserted a behind-the-scene video at the end of this post. Remember to grab a copy and twitpic me to show your support! (you can also see a different set of pictures here.) Another magazine feature is also coming up soon, so stay tuned. 😉





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  1. […] Getting spill all over a 3 – 5 page spread over an internationally branded magazine is a big deal for me, so here are more behind-the-scenes pictures i would love to personally share with you in Cin City. There are 3 different style shots in total; all 3 in cute pyjama pieces. Somehow it turns out i kinda like the black and white photos more. What do you think? (Previous post here.) […]

  2. whoaaaa the room is so dark and these photographs are freshhhhhh lol genggggg


    1. the professionals (photographer & DSLR). makes a difference don’t they? xD

  3. not sure if the laws of cin city applies to only you or generally to all girls ? but hey, good tips tho although some of it does not applies, i guess? girls are unique creature and no single method that applies to all.. In my opinions, flexibility is a must and confident is inevitable .. the rest.. really depending on the ‘spark’ 😛 .. ultimately, just be urslf.. you do not want girls attracted to a mask than the man behind the mask :))

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