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As couples around us are busy breaking up and getting back together (just to break up again), a|x and i are falling deeper in love each day while getting to know each other better than better. One candid way to favor the latter fact is from the gifts he gives me; which now has more variety, personality, and more me. Here are 5 presents that currently make me happy. Can you guess which one is from the anniversary? (:

1. this bottle of eau de toilette


{because it is made of botanical-based ingredients : essential oils of mandarin and orange, rose and vanilla absolutes, with just the right balance of freshness and sweetness}

2. these cocoa cups


{because he once tasted these heart made crispy chocolate coconut cup and wanted me to try them too}

3. this H&M bag and matching belts


{because it is my very first time to own something from H&M; a brand that i awfully adore}

4. these matching bangles & rings


{because i actually joked about wanting nothing from Spain but anything from H&M, and he de facto got me this accessories collection}

5. this lip balm


{because it is love, in disguise}.

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  1. Your so deeply in love u forgot number 4 my dear (:

    1. changed! thanks for the heads up ^^

  2. what a wonderful line to begin with –

    “As couples around us are busy breaking up and getting back together (just to break up again)”


    yeap, not gonna fall into that shitty hole anymore!

    1. hahaha! YA WEIII~!! XD

  3. i can relate with the *love in the air* …. after being a couple, married and with a child.. i can still say the same about my relationship with my husband..
    i think when you find ‘the one’ you’ll definitely feel like that. *enjoy the everlasting love*

    1. am glad for u too! <3

  4. Lol at the just to break up again!!

    Anyways, I am guessing #4 is the answer?

  5. all i can say, “awwwww”
    : )

    1. 🙂 awwwww it is! (:

  6. he’s such a sweetheart! i want to see more of you and his photos!
    i guess he got you the perfume for anniversary present 😉


    1. i think so too! hehehe

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