5 Things

Here are 5 bewitching things that definitely made my night at Berlin.

1. These fairies


{because each one of them are made with so much personalized details; making them look as if they have magic i just had to get one for myself!}

2. These hanging fishes


{because its kaleidoscopic colors swirling in the air gives an illusion that you might be hallucinating}

3. These bent forks and spoons


{because spooning, leads to forking}

4. These hanging stained glass lamps


{because its Mediterranean influenced designs made me believe that i wasn’t in Germany, but probably somewhere where The Alchemist lives}

5. This grand, glittering, gleaming Christmas tree


{because it is so flawless i think i could make a Christmas card out of it this year. what do you think? 😉 }


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