Rosemerry Christmas


Yesterday Big Guy and i hosted a Christmas eve dinner specially for our family and friends who are still in the country. Our theme ‘rosemary rustic’ while our menu, we try to keep as traditional as possible. The last couple of hours before the event was total chaos (imagine #AFC Hell’s Kitchen) but seeing Ralf guarding the turkey like an angel and Jeremy clumsily transforming our gingerbread house into Hansel & Gretel‘s was priceless.

i love how diverse our selection of guests were (British, Turkish, German, Italian, Australian, Malaysian) and the way they got along so well that charmed me and made the night felt magical. Last but not least, a merry, sexc, Christmas to all of you who reads my blog! i hope everyone is healthy and that happiness will take us through the year, and forward. Details and ideas of our party will be up in the next upcoming posts. 🙂


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