Ten Lessons From My Dad


Hi everyone. This, is my dad. Trust me, he is the most supportive and sensible guy I know!

Now – just like how every one thinks they have the best dad, I too, feel the same. I guess there is no such thing as THE Best Dad In The World – because a real good dad can only be the best for his own family. That’s why every one does have the best dad. YAY! (:

Since I was a girl, my dad used to work outstation. Despite my fainting memory, I still remember how he unfailingly brings me back toys after every flight he takes. As I grow older, he gives me even better gifts, and they are his wise words. These advises have been implanted in my head since I was young and though I didn’t quite understand them then, today I am glad they are tattooed under my skin.

In today’s Father’s Day series, I’d love to share with you 10 Life Lessons My Dad Taught Me. I hope we can all benefit from these #爸爸说 quotes that always accompany me throughout the smooth and tough times.



Let them sing, let them speak, let them show. Love, is meant to be felt. There is no need to guess or ask a person how much he loves you. The true answer lies in your heart, and that’s all your heart needs to know.



I was in a horrible dilemma of whether I should leave or stay in a relationship, until this simple sentence from my dad enlightened me up in seconds. “What’s the point of two people being together, if they are not, or can’t be happy?”



If you can pick it up, equally, you can put it down. Applies for: people, relationship, situations, things, etcetera.



In other words, use your brains. Thanks dad.



People don’t change. If they do, all the better. But don’t ever put hopes or secretly dream of changing your partner. Many people make the mistake of thinking a marriage will make things better. Following the above saying is:



Don’t seek for perfection in a person. Instead, what you need to know is that when you pick someone to spend your lifetime with, be sure of his flaws and know if you can accept them – because no one but you will have to live with it for a very long time.



A woman should build her career and know how to make a living on her own. Why depend on others when the best person you can rely on, is yourself? Don’t be afraid to build your own big world.


“Life goes on.”

No matter what happens in life – a divorce, miscarriage, deaths – Remember: Move on, move forward. Don’t fall into depression, and don’t do stupid things.



If you love someone, love their family too. Families can be difficult, especially when they are not ours – Different backgrounds, cultures, upbringing . . . but loving someone is also about learning how to love their family. Only of course, if they are not evil in-laws!



At the end of the day, the people who love you the MOST are your own parents.


All my love from Barcelona,

 Happy Father’s Day, dad. <3


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  1. Truly, this words are spoken since generations by our closest ones. And everytime we read it again, it’s like an alarm in our head to remind us again and again. It’s logic and simple philosophy in life. 🙂

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