Cumpleaños : 3

In the evening a|x & i packed our stuff and we flew to Miami :


Well, the Miami of Malaysia. Which is the pool @ my condo =.= But don’t you think it looks pretty Miamish (Miami-ish wtf).


Slippers Sandwich.


Malibu sun set (Yes it’s my birthday; i can call it whatever i want.)




& that basically wrapped up my birth day evening.

One last post to go live tonight. Anyone going for a swim this evening? 8)

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  1. hi cindy,

    nice home u have there… ur pictures looks superb…
    anyways, may i know what camera u’re using? the color
    is just awesome…

    1. i’m using S90 & Picasa 😉

  2. nice photos!! 😀 yes and it looks very miamish! 😀 !

    1. that’s y can cheat at the beginning of the post! hahahahhaa *evil*

  3. Happy Birthday! Your bday on 5 Dec??

    1. it falls on 21st Nov. when’s yours? ^^

      1. I thought we have the same bday in dec…hahaha. But I guess you posted yr bday entry in dec.

        Your frds are really really sweet to surprise you with a bday cake. They are such gems ! 🙂

      2. thanks Magnolia.. they are… (:

  4. LOL ! The view is nice but OMG – u wear makeup when u swim !? Or did u just soak in the water? 😛 Happy belated birthday ~ 😉

    1. i just soaked. haha! thanks for the wish, Samantha & sorry for the late reply. ^^

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