Cumpleaños : 2

Aahhh… Another weekend post. Today i’m gonna update this space thrice. Here is the 1st one~!

On my birth day, i had lunch @ Daorae with a|x and my other girl friend, Iv1. My favourite food is non other than KOREAN <- That word alone is enough to make my stomach rumble (now it is rumbling).


i’m nuts about kimchi jigae! See that empty black bowl right above this sentence? Guess where they went. HAHA


i’m wearing my favourite sheer chiffon birthday dress from Topshop while a|x is in his grey T he bought from Korea,


& this is Iv1 who is just about as crazy about Korean food as me. And oohhh, that’s a very red X’mas La Senza bra she got me. 

Don’t you guys just love lacey bras? i think they’re super sexxccc~! 8)

For those of you who are celebrating lazy Sunday, we have 2 more Cumpleaños posts popping up later like hot popcorns. xo!

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  1. Cough ya got me there with lingerie in public.

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