Cumpleaños : 1

My 24th birthday was celebrated in style with love. With lotsa creativity oozing from a naughty team too, i must say. 🙂

It actually started with me being all emo because i’m getting old(er), and had absolutely no idea how to spend the day in the most memorable way possible. Stressed!

So a|x suggested that we have a few drinks at Luna Bar, and then Zouk club. i’m the most easy-going person i know, so i accepted the proposal :


Luna, upstairs.

Halfway sipping our drinks a|x told me he needs the loo. It took him a while. When he returned he said he had some toilet business to do =.= Of course i didn’t trust him at first, but then the clock stroke 12 and nothing special happened.

Same ol’ boring picture of us w/out flash :


This guy is so not romantic, i secretly thought. So i suggested to go to the club from where we were, but apparently this fler had to get something from his place.

Obviously it was a sneaky trick. i received two gifts. i must confess that i love them so much. They’re the kinda stuff you know you will keep till your threads turn silver.

At around 1 a.m. the door bell rang. i was like WTF? a|x opened the door and there goes one of the most memorable moments in my life. i saw the faces of the people i love and love me :


my dear Eri kopi peng.


my truly adorable, free-spirited girl, Ruby OOi.


In their faces was light from a delicious chocolate cake with white roses.


One of the many gifts i received (amongst fake lashes which a|x forbids so much) were bottles of wine!

Time for a Toast! 😀

The surprise was supposed to happen at the bar itself but because of xyz (not gonna mention here lol) the team had to do some modifications to Plan A to make it a Plan A (2).


This Chanel inspired vintage Topshop jacket was one of the presents the grinning guy in blue got me.

We were “swift shopping” (i just created that word wtf) one Sunday and i went OMG over this brown jacket because i watched Coco before Chanel the day before.

Electric blue shirt guy said it’s gonna be a waste of money (because we only have summer) and didn’t use the word guapa (pretty in Spanish) for it; so i thought my taste must have been really outdated (which i doubted but whatever).

He dragged me out of the store and the cute jacket was forgotten…


Oh but lOOk! 😀 Now it’s mine Oh mine!! ♥ the patches on the elbows~

i actually proposed to make a 1 day trip to Genting Highlands on my birthday eve because he had never been there, and this poor guy had sucha hard time convincing me otherwise because he wanted me to have received this jacket first so i could wear it to the hill top!


(‘= Blessed to have met a man who is both incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Makes me believe that good men haven’t extinct! LOL


ulat | teh | ubi | kopi

If you think that was the end of my birthday, you’re wrong! But i think i shall save the rest of the story and break the post down into sections so you have more updates instead of a long boring post.

p/s: Watch this video.

See you soon! 😉

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  1. Happy Birthday !! Lovely post

    1. thanks Francesca, & sorry for the l8 replai~

  2. certainly can share your joy.. 🙂
    sometimes, you don’t need a big group or a big hoohah party
    to be memorable. just one or 2 closed and loved ones is more
    than enough to make it a meaningful yet memorable.
    it’s moments like this that we know we have real true friends.

    1. that’s true. word. 😉

  3. So sweet Cindy~~ Happy Birthday! 🙂
    Wish you pretty, sweet, happy and wealthy in coming year! 🙂

    1. Thanks Ayumi, & sorry for this late reply~ ^^

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