Best 31st

Location: Kuala Lumpur


Love Brings Me Home, Home Brings Me Love.

21st November 2017 was a day about love – love for own self and receiving love from others. Instead of celebrating overseas like I did in Maldives for my Big 30, for an awkward number 31, I cherished the day at a humble place called home that is Malaysia.

I pampered myself with a trip to the hair salon, mum baked me a black forest cake, dad treated me to a grand birthday lunch, É planned a dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant with surprise guests who gave me thoughtful gifts; with the best being their time, company and attendance.

(In alphabetical order) To Ain for your persistent efforts despite living far away, my brother Eugene for more than words can say, Kin Wai for being there when I need you most, Pete + Chloe my new friends / neighbour for your kindness and gracefulness, Ruby for doing your best to come by when it ain’t easy, Sarah + Justin for your faith, sincerity and thoughtfulness, last but not least Yvonne, whom without a doubt is the first to choose me, root for me. THANK YOU – this ‘birthday magic’ makes me feel so lucky and grateful. I wish I had more time to spend with each and everyone. 

To my husband André for doing his best, believing in me and supporting my passion throughout my ups and downs – this video below is shot using my birthday gifts / brand new video tools from É, a set of gimbal + muffler. Hope you enjoy watching it. Subscribe to my channel for new videos every weekend!












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