5 Things

Here are 5 lovely things that made my week. Have a nice weekend ahead!

1. This shot at dusk across Sydney Harbour Bridge


{because even though i was at Sydney, somehow this scene transports me to downtown Manhattan; which i’ve always dreamed of visiting}

2. This contouring powder compact


{because it is one of those things that i’ve been wanting to buy (for months!) and keep forgetting, but received it as a gift after, from KATE to me}

3. This pink Carnation


{because it is indeed so pink (and beautiful) i would love to believe that it is a reincarnation of nothing less – than a royal princess}

4. This hillside café


{because you just can’t find something like that in KL, can you?}

5. This octopus


{because little detailing as such, are as worthy as big treasures found in a random park}


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