is it okay if i don’t have plans for 2018
neither hopes nor aspirations
a year too old for tight jeans
too new for loose goals
my thoughts are like the tea leaves in my cup
mostly dumped at the bottom
some left afloat
bits stuck to the edge
i bite the bitter leaves from the rim
that taste like 2017
full of political bullshit
and personal drama
sipping warm tea
while draining the rest of me
throughout day 365
got no answers but a bitchy headache
not proud the past was stupid
grateful it was painful
wisdom and strength are made of both
invisible scars are the hardest to live with
glad i survived it all
sometimes the lessons i learned
seem to lose their resonance
slipping through my mind, finger tips
i’m afraid to face the new year
am i ready?
yet i want to start empty
not full
even if dreams have broken wings
and perspectives have no bright stars 
for like you
i am a learning voyager 
who will journey for as long as i can
and spring through another year
before winter comes again
perhaps it is okay
perhaps it is
                it is okay
                it is
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