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Mek T™ is one month and 3 days old today. In this short period of time, we garnered many return customers and received countless positive feedbacks about our food! You may think that i’m selling my own family restaurant, but have my word for it – i promise you will like what you get once you try it. If you haven’t read about what food lover / blogger Kimberly Cun has to say, you can do so here.



My gorgeous blog manager and her humble boyfriend came to dine as well. i was shocked beyond words when her father arrived at the counter before them and told me i know his daughter. When it turned out to be these familiar faces, i was indeed very happy :


To be honest, this post is a bit overdue. i actually took these pictures on the 2nd day of our launch but i know you won’t mind. 😆 Besides friends, family members from all over the state came to makan and shower us with their endless love and support too :





p/s: i hope you think i look younger in today’s pictures because i was only wearing concealer, eyeliner and an oversized T-shirt with faded blue jeans.





the youngest artistic photographer in town.


In less than 1 month, we already have 100 people liking our Facebook page (yay!), but we would definitely appreciate your support if you can follow us on Twitter. And for those 4 Square players, get a FREE appetizer every time you check in from now till end of June! And of course with me around, nothing gets away without a spanking fab website. Get a tissue first! Don’t drool. 😛


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  1. I can’t wait to return!! <3

    1. thanks agen for coming by with the fam & bf!! ^^

  2. one fine day, i’ll come around 😛 .. cause i never tasted t’ganu food before and i’m a keropok lekor fan!!

    1. oh god. tell me about it. keropok lekor! yumss maxxx <3

  3. *drools* I sooooo wanna go and try but i am in know what, i always read your posts about your mum’s cooking, they look so awesomely good and now that Mek T is opened, i finally told myself “wah! at last, get to taste cindy’s mum’s cooking!!!!” and well, although that gotta wait till i go down to KL ..but this place, is already in my list of “places-to-go” in KL other than ikea..hahaha…cant wait to try!! pls pls pls try to open one shop in PG!! I’ll be your number 1 patron!!!

    1. hi Ally, i do hope to see u soon one day. glad we can make into to your list of places-to-go-in-KL! we will open in Pg if someone buys our franchise. hehe..

  4. […] out the restaurant and food to focus more on our lovely guests (you can still read about them here, here, and here). I must also dedicate this post to Michelle (above) and her team who has been very […]

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