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My life has officially ended. i’m just joking. Of course i am. i’m such a great joker. No, i’m not drunk. i must be high on drugs. Medication; not pot, or crack. Coke, dope, whatever.

It FELT like my life has officially ended because COINCIDENTALLY, these two bastards in this picture below had just LEFT me; this poor, old, soul~ *uhuk uhuk*


One is a|x, who is already @ Singapore, and the other is Iv1, who is on her way to Japan right NOW.

The funny thing is, that these ducks left TODAY (17/10/10) and will be coming back on THURSDAY (21/10/10). Notice that the duck word is plural; which means they actually left AND will be coming back ON the same dates!

Not crazy possible but possibly crazy  -__________-”


God must have done this for a reason. Lately i felt my life has been threatened by these two nits. It has a pattern of evolving around them all-the-time. Be it face-to-face, online, on the phone, it’s all a|x a|x A|X or Iv1 Iv1 IVONE! i hate ’em, because i love ’em. 🙁

So THIS is the time when God puts a test on me to see if i can survive PERFECTLY on my own without these noodles..


Selfishly, the GOOD thing is that they are both outstation to WORK their asses; which means THANK GOD it’s not on WEEKENDS!!! Or i’d miss partyin’ with ’em lovelings so much.

i WILL survive, but if you two are reading this :

I (DO) MISS U, SO MISS ME TOO!!! *flying lesbian kisses*

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  1. i work bz, u dun miss me la wtf *merajuk

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