5 Inspiring Ways to Kickstart 2017


Not Feeling 2017? You Are Not Alone.

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I am not sure if I am ready for 2017. But what choice do I have. Here I am in January, still feeling like the old 2016. Am I the only one who is lacking the “go get ’em tiger!” spirit? When you’re younger, it is easy to tell someone “age is just a number”. Hit 30, you start realising that life has begun to look towards a different direction, responsibilities weigh heavier, and decision making comes with higher pressure. Is that, the spirit I should have? Definitely NOT! If you are feeling like me, here’s what you can do to get in the mood:


1. Surround yourself with positive people. 


We all know someone who is a ‘planner’. A friend as such usually has his or her life organised while moving forward with a sense of purpose. He or she is always the person who not just listens, but also gives the best advises on which is the wisest step to take next. Whether this person is your parent, sibling, BFF or a friend you haven’t contacted in a while, a heart-to-heart chat over coffee about their dreams will boost your excitement to paint the new year with fresh colors.


2. Read inspiring books / blogs to get inspired. 


So . . . what if you don’t have that friend? It’ll help to believe, that sometimes books, when well selected, are as good, if not better, than people. Be it visiting the self-help section at Kinokuniya simply to flip through, or reading well-written blog posts to get a glimpse of how others kickstart their new year around the world, can fill your heart with inspirations and open your eyes to a world of possibilities, which you can chase too.


3. Connect with yourself within. 


Everything you do is nothing if it doesn’t connect to the core, that is you. Can I say, that it is like trying to bake a cake, but not putting it in the oven (core), yet expecting it to rise? Unfortunately, many people are either too lazy or afraid to reflect on themselves. Why, it is easier and more fun to escape by frequenting cinemas or scrolling through Facebook (ask me how I know), but it is important not to forget that January will fly by very quickly, and so will 2017. Every year we change a little. So every year, it is our responsibility to get to know ourselves better.


4. Treat yourself to a pampering session. 

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If #1 to #3 seems too hard to do right now because you feel more like a cat than anything else, perhaps the most ideal way to cushion and usher yourself into the inevitable 2017 is by rejuvenating and coming out feeling ‘reborn’. I usually get a spa and massage in January to start the new year feeling eased and alive. The trick though, is to tackle the resolutions part immediately, and not 3 days later when you feel like an old dog rather than a cat this time around.


5. The traditional pen and paper approach. 

Now that you are refreshed, it is time to pen your thoughts, aspirations and hopes on paper, so that you can actually visualise it. Watch this video on how to draw your dreams to reality. If you’re more of a person who types, try using the Evernote (app) list.

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Happy New Year, Cin Citizens! With these cinspirations, may you kickass in 2017. xxx



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