2017 New Year’s Resolutions


10 Simple Rules that Make A Big Difference.


Last year’s new year’s eve party, I started a conversation with a new acquaintance with the question, “So, do you have any new year resolutions?”. This beautiful girl looked at me, eyes wide open in silence, before squinting them almond eyes with a burst of laughter and replied, “Don’t even ask me about it!”. I felt old and strange at the same time.

Every year, I make myself a list of 10 resolutions without the stress to accomplish all, but with the discipline to do my best. How it works with the latter is by repeatedly telling myself whenever I feel sluggish:

1. If there’s a WILL, there’s a WAY. How strong is MY will?

2. If HE / SHE can do it, I can do it TOO. Why can’t I?

These simple words never fail to push me; I hope they motivate you as well. (:

My resolutions this year is a mix of big and little things, which although sound simple, set standards really high. To be honest, I’m not sure if I can do it. But here we go!


1. Be happy within.


Everyone needs a reminder to be happy once in a while. Not happy ha-ha, but happy inside. Something as simple as making an effort to smile, feel the uplift within, and observe how it changes the way we look at the world outside.

Due to É’s work, 2017 has already become a year of unpredictabilities in terms of where we’d settle in the near future. As a person who needs to feel her feet touch the ground to feel sane, #1 may be a resolution that requires very conscious effort. I am adjusting myself to be ready for what’s coming and . . . be happy!

Despite what happened politically in 2016, 2017 has proven that life does go on and it is important that we keep a positive, calm and cheerful attitude wherever we are.


2. Stop procrastinating. 

lazy cat

The worst habit I have is to play with my phone instead of jumping into the shower upon returning home. After a shower, I ask myself every time, “Why the hell didn’t I do that earlier?” and quite frankly, I am fed up of asking myself that question.

I also tend to tackle small items in my to-do-list first rather than big ones, instead of ticking them off according to priority. At the end of the day I do get things done, though not always on time. Understanding this problem allows me to fix it, which is why reflecting is so important.


3. Converse mindfully.

wedding photopgraphy

My heart speaks faster than my mind, while my emotions tend to cloud the main messages I wish to convey. I should be Italian.

I always find myself speaking the way my receiver speaks, i.e. doing the ‘Indian nod’ when I’m talking to a mamak guy (am I the only one?) or the ‘cho lor‘ Chinese kampung way with my hometown friends, and I wonder, “Where did that come from?”. I can’t find an explanation for the automated language lingo.

While my Malaysian roots have made me a rather interesting cultural specimen for É to observe, this year I am going to try conversing mindfully because that’s what I’d like my kids to do one day.

2017 is about re-learning to be responsible for the less positive things I say (complaining, loathing, or even sighing), because all that is negative energy spread to my own surroundings.


4. Grow business(es).


Detaching Cin City from any blog agencies means I’ll have to work harder to find my own clients; selecting the brands I actually enjoy working with and the products I truly believe in, to create trustworthy content with credibility.

For me, #4 is gonna have to be my blog for some time now, because I suppose no one is going to hire me for 2 months in Germany and the next 3 in Singapore? For you, though, be it your job, career or company, carry along with you the goal “grow, grow, grow!”.


5. Stay fit, not lose weight.


Losing weight is not my goal nor should it be for most. The key here is working towards staying fit and keeping toned, because being light with saggy skin or flabby muscles is not attractive at all. As of now, I’m still searching for a smart exercise mat that is protective towards the back. Any recommendations?


6. Call granny once a month.


This is a 2014 resolution I’m bringing back! Be it your parents or grandparents, whether you live nearby or faraway, letting your loved ones know they are always treasured and in your mind is a resolution that will never grow old.


7. Take a self-improvement class. 

Maldives night fishing

Every year feels more or less like another year of adulthood after college. I think the main reason to that is because I stopped learning new things.

There are so many areas I am curious about learning; like photography or how to read and write Mandarin. Now that I am living overseas, I wonder why I didn’t take the opportunity when I was still in Malaysia, as classes are much more affordable back home!

While I commonly practice self-taught lessons, I strongly believe that having the right guru can elevate your skills in a more productive and effective way to achieve immediate results. Rewarding results are important when learning something new, or it is easy to make one feel defeated.

This year, I hope you take the opportunity and chances to bring your passions up a notch.


8. Update my blog every alternate days, no later than that. 

From now on, you will be the judge if I fail or succeed in keeping this resolution.


9. Cultivate good thoughts, renew old regimes, have new focuses and living it up with exciting plans. 


More about this in Turning 3o.


10. Plan a memorable wedding ceremony.

This applies for me, whose wedding is happening in the next 6 months with zero things planned. For the first half of this year, that should be my job, if not main priority.

As for you, why not replace this with ‘Remembering Special Days“? Throw your friend a baby shower or send a faraway friend a cute postcard. Be that special friend you always want to have.


Do you have one good resolutions to share? (:



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