5 Cinspirations

After the obligatory series of everything new year-related (phew), here comes the bitter-sweet irony of 5 #throwback cinspirations that showered me with love last December. What I adore about this week’s selections is how they are not in any way inspired by Christmas, which simply goes to say that sometimes, the better gifts are the ones that arrive on unexpected festive occasions. Here is to my husband who is working hard in Germany, my confused kitten, our small little family of 2 and a half and our cosy home; miles away from all the 3 of us. If January 2017 is all about separation, how can I not miss December?

1. This beautiful bouquet just because

beautiful flowers

{because ‘just because’ was all the reason É needed to buy me flowers}

2. This gingerbread hailing all the way from Munich

gingerbread biscuits

{because it is from the first guest we hosted at our place, and because anything ‘first’ makes things more meaningful}

3. This photograph of me and Cinga

girl and cat

{because it is taken with flash, which most girls hate, but I loved the result; especially when it is a candid shot (promise)!}

4. This orange cake my husband bakes

Portuguese orange cake

{because at every new attempt, I become the sole witness of it getting better each time}

5. Another romantic bouquet for the bedroom

violet orchids

{because this orchid came waayyy earlier than bouquet #1, but lasted longer than our little family could stay to celebrate new year’s together . . .}

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