Hello July

Langkawi Sky Bridge

With July steadily ushering in, we can now say that the first half of 2016 has gone by – for real. I hope you don’t feel like I do, that is guilty of not achieving much to make a difference.

Everyday I find myself incredibly busy with new to-do-list to conquer by the hour. Yet when I look back, it’s either I don’t know what I’ve been doing or how time flies pass like a ghost.

There is a clock at my mum’s that is 15 minutes slower than the rest of the clocks in the world. For the longest time it remained so. For once, I look at it wishing I have 15 minutes more every hour. That’s how life has become as of late.

Because 30 is not the new 20, I decided to embark on something life changing before I hit the big three-o. Bidding goodbye to the first half of this year is my wakeup call. They say “not all who wander are lost”. I say “all who are lost, wander”, do they not?

This month onwards, I will be on-the-road throughout July to December, one country per month. Changing my course of dreams, suddenly life is injected with more purpose for living.

What is it like being away from É for so long? It’s a kind of feeling where you feel sad but you can still smile, and the smile comes from the heart but the heart wants to cry. I guess you can call that ‘the beauty of sadness’.

* * *

Here are 5 things I look forward to on this brand new second-half-of-the-year month:


1. Celebrating my dad’s birthday – because I got him a pretty thoughtful gift!

2. Trying out a new red lipstick – a worldwide go-to red, which I’m very excited to do a beauty review on the blog soon.

3. Spending quality time with my husband during the raya break.

4. Reading a new book named On The Road, on the road.

5. My coast-to-coast trip to the United States – because I’ve been saving since 2013.

Other events to get you cinspired: Take 1 day (8th July) for 5 days off this hari raya, watch the Euro Cup finals (11th July), visit the Japanese Bon Odori Festival (23rd July), sing your heart out at Selena Gomez’s concert (25th July). 


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