Five Cinspirations

This week’s installation of Cinspirations arrive late for good reasons – a proof that (I’d love to believe) life is being lived to its fullest. Since I was back from Europe, every week is maxed out to its potential; from memorable brunches to road trips with É’s family who’re here to visit. 5 definitely won’t suffice, but I’ve chosen the rosiest of all from my la vie en rose.

1. This pink-clad sky of Kuala Lumpur


{because with all the circulating news that make one unsure if they should laugh or cry, taking tourists around town to see its charm reminds me of the beauty our nation still possesses, and that’s what August should be more about}

2. These tiny flowers in different shades of pink


{because they remind me of Chinese New Year’s peach blossoms, except these are fresh and real!}

3. This picture of me in a high ponytail when #UberIceCream was trending


{for brands which are daring enough to celebrate good collaborations and spread sweet love around}

4. This cremé brulee cocktail


{a recent taste revisitation to Omakase + Appreciate for my favorite cocktail in town, made better with É to call mine this time around}

5. This Mad Hatter themed brunch with new friends


{because making new acquaintances has never been more fun with free flow champagne, a day when I broke the record for the longest drinking day: from 1 P.M. to 1 A.M.}


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