5 Cinspirations

Here are 5 Cinspirations that packed my week with wonder.

1. The Big American Dream Cream


{The perfect combination for having voluminous, nourished hair; flew in all the way from Australia}

2. This special gift from my soul sister


{Because it is a gift from Ai Rene and I intentionally leave it wrapped – so that I have something new to look forward to when I return from my trip overseas!)

3. This jellyfish inspired earring


{Because at first glance one might think the other side is missing, but truth is that’s what makes it so special}

4. These freshly painted red nails


{Because I did them specially for my visit to Japan’s red torii gates}

5. This travel book guide


{Because come what may, it never fails to remind me with tip top excitement how Ai Rene’s Turkish wedding is getting nearer by day!}

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