Chardy Chaplin

Today’s post is in some way a continuation from my previous post, Gua Rock!


Speaking about the word “rock”, i noticed how this Hollywood celebrity “rocked” an ecru grey skull tunic when going out on a date with her new hubby.


Hilary Duff is wearing a grey skeleton tunic nicely paired with grey leggings, black boots, bag & cardigan, with dangling necklaces.

Looking at how lovely she looks rockin’ that top with her new husband triggered me to steal her style when going out with a|x!


However, i modified it to suit our weather, as there is no winter here and i’m gonna look like a total retard if i were to wear boots and climb up those stairs to the cave! lol


This look is easy, comfy, and very Hillary Duffy at the same time.

You need :


A beige tunic with some grey patterns on it. Here i’m wearing the Charlie Chaplin Tunic from The Pop Look.


A pair of grey leggings. Mine is from TopShop.


Instead of a black cardigan (so panas black summore) i replaced it with a big but thin grey hues scarf, from MNG.


Sling over a grey fringe bag. This one is from Forever21.

As for accessories :


Secure a chiffon ecru headband to keep hair in place (when climbing caves)…


And a chain of pearl bracelets on your wrist. Mum got me this from a pearl factory in China. <3


And there you go~! 😀


A simplified and more breezy version of the above.


The items i used to create this look are pretty basic so i guess everyone can achieve it.


If you want to be a Chardy Chaplin like me, you can get my tunic here. 😉

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