Gua Rock !

It was a Sun Sun Day (Sunny Sunday)! After having lunch with Eri, a|x & i embarked on our 1st trip to Batu Caves. Or should i say,


Gua Rock!


Focusing on the Buddha Lord Murugan (?) this time. 🙂


Cam whore with a|x’s ass WTF.


a|x brought his heavy DSLR camera but in it there was no memory space, so he had to delete some shots halfway climbing these steep stairs -_-


Took a picture of  the fler’s backside while waiting, lol.


Truth is, i have a phobia of heights. i think my heart shrunk to the size of a raisin when a|x took this picture of me >.<


Oh Buddha, my Captain Espana is so handsome…


Consider this my 1st cam whore pic with a|x. And i’m sharing it with you!! ha ha..

By the way, Gua Rock has a pun, did you notice? 😉

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  1. Sorry but I have to correct this, that is not Buddha. Thats Lord Murugan.

    1. Thanks Eden, changed it. Or i’d never notice.. ^^

  2. haha yah that’s definitely not buddha.

    1. y he copy buddha wear gold shirt wan? lol

  3. Awww…you & a|x look so cute together! 🙂

  4. Ah you looks enjoyed the day with a|x =)
    Good good haha

  5. LOL so u guys went to batu caves, FYL!

  6. saiz of raisin. lol.

    1. Yeah is he? 😛 hahahahah *sibuk*

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