Ensalada agridulce de tomates con queso


i learned that sweet and salty is a typically Spanish combination of flavors but this recipe, breaks away from the more traditional pairings with a more Chinese ala sweet and sour combination. A whisk of apple cider, olive oil and honey is all it takes to make a refreshing dressing, while the tomato caviar simply turns this humble salad into a very special dish.





The original recipe by José Andrés uses Afuega’l Pitu cheese; one of the finest cheeses made in Spain which has a natural, earthy aroma but again, i couldn’t find them at our local grocery stores so i used blue cheese instead and no, they did not disappoint me. 😉



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  1. Mmmmmmmmmmm…hungry now

    teycindy.com makes me want to be a girl

    There, I’ve said it!

    Is that wrong?

    Do I care?


    1. great attitude! hahaha 😀

  2. you made this for your bf? 😀

    recipe?? XD

    1. haha.. i made this for my brother & i XD

  3. i tot u only had a pretty face but u also can cook !!

    well done ….luv yr work

    1. hey, thanks! i’m still learning.. not perfect yet. 😀

  4. looks damn yums!

    1. but won’t kenyang one T_T

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