Super Fish & Chips


{by ‘Chef’ Moi}

喜欢吃 fish & chips 的朋友都知道鱼及 fries 都是用 deep-fry 的。谁管它是炸还是烤的, 要好吃就对了。Eugene & Cindy 也不例外。每一次煮这道料理时, 我的那一份与他们的不一样。我己上了年纪,怕油腻也怕 cholestrol, 给自己做一道美味又少油的 pan-fried fish & chips. 老公及孩子们看了开始对它产生兴趣。看到我能无忧无虑的吃住 ‘健康 Fish & Chips’, 儿子 taste 后对我说, “妈妈,下一回我也要!!” 好高兴能成功打动家人的心。我胜利了! 从此我可以用健康, 简单及省油的方式来煮家人的最爱。。。

To my fellow friends who love to eat fish & chips, you know that this dish is prepared using the deep-fry method. Who cares if it is baked or fried; as long as it is good, it’s alright. Eugene & Cindy think the same. However, every time i make this dish mine will be different from theirs. As i age, i tend to avoid greasy stuff and food that is high in cholesterol, so i make myself this delicious plate of less oil pan-fried fish & chips. My husband and children seem to grow an interest towards it too. Seeing that i can eat fish & chips carefree-ly without any worries, my son said to me after having a taste of mine, “Mum, next time i want this too!!” i am so pleased to have successfully touched the hearts of my family. i won! Since then, i can use a healthy, simple, & less oil method to cook my family’s favorite . . .

材料 & 做法 / Ingredient & Method : (Serves 2 – 3)


There are 3 parts to this recipe.



Part 1 : Potatoes


4 – 6 potatoes (cut into stripes & soak in water during the process)
Plain flour
Salt and pepper


  • Steam potatoes for 10 minutes. Remove.
  • Lightly coat with plain flour.
  • Using 1T oil in medium heat, pan fry till golden.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Part 2 : Fish


500g fish fillets
1 beaten egg
3T plain flour
Olive oil


Fish Marinade:
1/4t salt
1/4t pepper
1/4t granules


  • Pat dry fish fillets and cut into pieces. Gently coat with fish marinade.
  • Coat with flour then dip in egg mixture.
  • Pan fry with 3T olive oil.

Part 3 : Coleslaw


300g cabbage (chopped)
1 small carrot (chopped)


Marinade both cabbage and carrot with 1/4t salt for half an hour and squeeze away excessive water. (This will make vegetables crunchy.) Add seasoning* below.

1/2t salt
1/2T sugar
a small packet mayonaise (about 2T)



‘Chef’ Moi
(Cindy’s Mum)


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