Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Dear You.

every where i go i see our shadows laughing, hand in hand. that unbreakable bond. the tip of your nose, rubbing mine. those gentle blows of fallen lashes, flutter away carrying countless wishes; where do they go? i tickle myself, but i cry.

living through everyday with one blind eye; running on hours crawling round clocks. thinking of what you’re doing in your clothes i once knew so well. wish i could tell you how handsome you look; as you leave for work with your scent in my hair. your eyes they caress our reflection in gentle ways; that warm embrace lingering till your keys ring, then you hug me again. and again.

half a heart with half a mind battling to stay aligned; every step backwards disappears, every move forward lost; along this fragile life of broken lines. can you wash away the lip stains i left on your plates; as i can’t remove your handprints off my skin. do you hear the walls scream; piercing through the darkness of sleepless nights? why haunt each other in our once beautiful dreams.

when it rains you call me your sunshine, but i guess i’m a fish. like a fish out of water, breathing is effort and effort turns to waste. i grab a catcher in the rye and dive into a sea of words; that journeys us to Spain with the shadow of the wind. chasing you along the corridor, i see us walking along summer streets. weekend picnics by the beach, little ones sleeping in their tents. then i see a silver lining and i notice your hair turn gray; never thought baby that’s how we fray.

friends tried to stay, but they couldn’t wait. words become noises while those unspoken, speak. is this over. are we really over. but don’t worry future, please just wait. give me some time because these wounds still ache. i know you’ll be better and this one is just vague.

What a waste, I could’ve been your lover
What a waste, I could’ve been your friend
Perfect love is like a blossom that fades so quick
When it’s blowing up a storm in May.

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  1. It is never a waste for what you have gone through.. The past paints beautiful pictures of days to come. It might be tough for things as it is now, but when you look back in few years time, it will be colored by your sweet and sour memories that makes who you are that time, a successful person that love by many.. I am sure you are that person!

    1. one day i hope so (:

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