I Am A Victim of Cybercrime


17 January 2017

As far as I knew, our breakup was clear. After more than 2 years, I thought I deserve to rest my case about this weird, online stalking incident, but no. Recently I was approached again by a couple of bloggers who informed me that #WHY had tried to reach me through them. Why don’t I deserve a break? 

If you happen to hear BFM 89.9’s ‘Evening Edition’ yesterday and are looking for the post we discussed about, this is the piece. If you have not hear it, click here to listen to the podcast.

There is also a short film submitted to BMW Shorties 2014 called ‘Shadow’ inspired by my true story, that won the SKT Short Film Competition under ASEAN Top 10. To get a more visual ‘feel’ of what I went through, you may watch the creepy film below, which resemblance is uncanny!

On tips to stay safe online, I wrote a post here on how to handle and prevent cybercrime, should you happen to experience the same issue or for future references.

* * *

13 July 2014

This must be the most ridiculous blog post I ever had to write but ironically, it wouldn’t be wise either to bury the truth about this reoccurring incident. Yes, I am a victim of cybercrime, and I’m sure the headline caught your attention; I hope it did.

To those of you who are not aware of what cybercrime means, the cases include cyberstalking, bullying, theft of personal data, copyright infringement, etcetera. For the past few months I was threatened by a girl named Wan Hoong Yeap #WHY for most of the specifics mentioned above.

Allow me start with some freaky evidences. Imagine them happening to you, your sister, or a loved one. It begins with the patterns shown below. Pictures placed side by side for comparison:


{The b*tch went to the extend of copying my photo captions.}

At first, my friends told me to see this as a ‘compliment’ to have such a crazy fan (pun intended). It didn’t take long for them to change their minds. #WHY’s behavior then transformed into cyberstalking. She began following my circle of cousins, friends, colleagues, and even their BOYFRIENDS. It came to an extend where they came up to me, shoving her profile in my face asking, “Is this your friend? WHY is she following my boyfriend on Twitter?!”

While I thought it was very weird, I chose the “ignorance is bliss” approach. But it just got worse. I kept receiving screenshots from all my friends (believe me), of her copying my looks, my tweets, my person, my LIFE. So I did the most decent thing by deleting her from my personal Facebook account*.

*Now you must be wondering why the hell was she ‘friends’ with me on Facebook at the first place. I only met #WHY once in my lifetime during a Churpout event. She was with her husband when she said hi and seemed like a perfectly normal girl who is a loyal fan of my blog. Following the occasion, she sent me a friend request which I approved – Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

Why was I even surprised. Within the next few minutes following the deletion, Miss Psycho transformed into Miss Super Psycho. She went around asking about me, before her mental illness got worse. I was seeing series of this:


{Upon realizing she was deleted}



Then, she decided to take her stalking OFFline. The next morning, I received a phone call at my office. A girl, who claimed to be someone from ‘human resource’ called my current office to offer me a job. Please do me the pleasure to read that again. WOW. What kind of brilliant strategy is that? Would someone call your office, to give you a job at their office?

When I asked which company she is calling from, she struggled before answering ‘a human resource department’. Turns out that the psychotic b*tch just wanted to confirm my whereabouts / working place.

On my way back from work, I filed a police report. The same evening, I went to the Brickfields Police Station to meet the policeman in charge to further investigate this pathetic case. When Miss Super Psycho found out about it, she decided to apologize:


The next morning, her husband called my office many times trying to get me (further confirming it was his wife who made that false call the day before). He begged me to retract the report and PROMISED that he will take control of his wife, that this WON’T happen anymore. But guess what happened AGAIN recently?

#WHY follows me on bloglovin’:


Uses a fake name ‘Sheryl’ to tell me about it, and how she got the SAME dress too:


‘Sheryl’ changed her name to ‘Christina’ using the SAME IP address from lovin’ to hatin’ me:


{You have a dick?}

Previously, she asked as Wan Hoong about bra strap:


Then she magically changed to Adriana TEY (now we share the same surname too) using her office computer probably, to ask me about bra strap:


Then she claims to be my SYMMETRY, for goodness sake:


So much work for a girl! What a pity. But who should I pity? Me or her?

Oh Wan Hoong,

You want to be famous? Here, I give you your fame.

It is most unfortunate that your ‘evilness’ comes with stupidity. I have your IC number, your home address, or we could go to court. I could also hire a team to stalk you, if you like. 

If the slightest thing should happen to me, even if it was not done by you, YOU will be the 1ST the policemen arrest because your bad record is safely kept in this country’s database. Well done!

This has been an on-going case for years. I had thought long and hard of whether I should or should not share such negativity in my blog. But I’ve decided that I want you to know that should you ever experience such bullshit in future, the first thing to do is to gather as much information as you can of the criminal. The more you know, the better.

Know that you are not alone, and that’s a fact. Don’t be afraid to inform your friends because you’d be surprised of who can help you. In my case, I made an announcement on Facebook and started receiving all the information I need; should it be necessary to capture her. With these information in hand, go to the right authorities.

This is NOT the first time WanHoong Yeap has stalked me or my friends and family. She has also called up my previous company to take my job before I left, called them for a chat asking “How is Cindy at work?”, and called many more times again until HR informed me of it and advised me to “Be Careful”.

WanHoong Yeap now lives in the shadow like KONY using her current false name @carys_josie. So Cinners, now it is my turn to advise all of you to “Be Careful”.


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  1. Omg.. It’s so creepy.. How on earth a married woman can go that extra miles to stalk you? I think she either love or hate you very very much.. Anyway, I really do love reading ur blog especially travel post n babe u have to be extra careful wherever u go..

    1. Thanks for reading all this while, suching. Either ways, i hope her ‘affections’ wear off soon!

    2. OMG that is creepy. Think she might have some psychiatric. Maybe should lock her up in mental hospital before she worse and stalk other people. But you better be careful and look around. If sense something not right better ask somebody to escort u home. Take care. Hope this crazy woman won’t disturb u anymore

  2. I am not #WHY. hahaha. be safe Cindy 🙂

    1. haha! thanks, #LAW. 😉

  3. Whoa, can’t imagine how creepy and scary it must be! Hope you’re feeling better now that it’s in the open.

    1. thanks, Suanie! hopefully she is under CONTROL. @_@

  4. Nice website design. Look professional and I don’t struggle browsing using my phone. Sorry for you about your bad experience in cyber crime. To think stalk until where you work. Either she is psycho or your fanatic die hard fan.

    1. glad you noticed the mobile version of the blog & enjoyed the reading ‘experience’! 😀

  5. Oh gawd, this is hilarious! I know it sucks for you, but reading this I’m thinking – how ridiculous it is for someone to stoop that low for so many years, to gain nothing. Maybe her husband bores her to tears and this is her only outlet for fun? I don’t know, but I’m glad you got her sorted out.

    1. outlet for fun! aduh… i hope her husband DOES sort her out this time around. susah!

    1. bukannya wanna win pon. haih.. suay suay la…

  6. Hello Cindy! This is my first time visiting your blog after a fb friend of mine shared your post about cyber bullying. Thank you for sharing, this WHY person definitely is a freak and I am wondering what type of disorder she is facing until she behaves like this. It is scary for me as I never encountered such bullying and I pray that none of us will have to go through it again. I hope that this WHY person will stop her maniac acts towards you and not going off after someone else. Take care!

    1. hi Mieza, i hope she doesn’t go for ANYONE after this! you take care too. 😉

  7. Oh my, first time visiting your blog and im already stuck to this entry…i cant imagine how scary that was to go through…even if you file a report, people like that still can so much evil…be strong dear..


    1. thanks, Syafiqah. visited your blog & noticed you’re running it with your sister; just like the Olsen twins 🙂 stay safe, you two!

  8. So she actually married and with a husband. I’m thinking these cases normally are from people who are still young and immature

  9. Goodness me – initially I was thinking – wow – seemed like a nice fan then it escalated really quickly ~

    Reminded me of the movie – the talented Mr Ripley in which someone admires someone so much – he kills him and wants to be him and takes over his life.

    Yes – be careful indeed.

  10. Oh my that was a little bit way too far for a stalker..

  11. This is what they call the single white female syndrome. Personality disorder. They will use anyway to act or dress like the person. Even to taking over their lives. Get a restrain order on her. Who knows what else she will do.

    1. a friend share with me the trailer for this movie ‘Single White Female’ recently. freaked me out. let’s hope it will not go to that extent!

  12. Wow to think that a guy followed me from home to school before I asked my teacher to chase him away before he call the police was bad enough, yours is way creepy!

    1. yours is creepy too, girl! jeez… be careful wherever you are.

  13. She is a devil in the darkness..

  14. I’m sorry that you have to go through this.. no one particularly a blogger (I would imagine this happening to a celebrity though) :\

  15. Diana Cheong on

    Give me the creeps …what is even more scary ..it from a. Girl……omg

  16. Whoa..this is a nutty coincidence. Came across your blog after a friend shared your post…..and man, WHY ‘s name was so familiar, it took me a while to realise she’s my friend’s sister in law @_@

  17. wow, this is kinda scary, thanks for sharing yeah!

  18. So creepy 🙁 glad you blogged about this. Please be safe, Cindy!

  19. Wow, this is kinda scary. Just be extra careful on this feler…

  20. Be safe Cindy…

  21. Oh wow.. I thought it’s just copying photo style via Instagram.. didn’t expect it to go to such extend as I read further..

    Take care!

  22. At least u know how she looks like.. I got stalked on fb before, he/she used my friend’s pic as dp.

  23. I’m not your blog fans, got it from my friend’s fb post.
    Doesn’t stand with which party but just speak out of what I felt.

    Seriously??! Can’t believe that such ppl do exist here, in this country!
    Her husband should be alert on this issue and send her to the the psychologist specialist. Not to be mean that she’s mentally ill or judge her, but it’s a sign of mentally over stress or something (i’ve forgotten the term for it).
    If did not do so asap, Afraid that she will find another victim even though if she’d give up on you.
    It’s really freaky and dangerous. And wont know what she’ll do next.

    Hope you can faster get rid of this and be safe. *bless you*
    Keep something useful in your handbags, in case for any circumstances when you need it.
    And also remind your family members, friends, etc.
    We won’t know whether she will harm them in order to get your attention or revenge something like that.
    From your post, can see that how much hate she have after you block her and the police report (y couldn’t she scared of it and stop even though u’ve make a police report?!!).
    Remind them to be more cautious and alert.


    1. hi Xuan, sigh… i really don’t know what to say anymore. sometimes i just wonder “why me?”. & exactly – i have already MADE a police report – why is still she making a come back? why isn’t her family taking her to the psychiatrist? i hope she moves on & that after me, there’ll be no one else she intends to follow.

  24. what a creep! she must be really free or very in need people to notice her. she made it as a female stalker, a pyscho.

  25. wow. this is creepy as heo. i cant imagine someone doing this to me…LOL
    anyway i hope this case resolves soon!!! dont make it occupy your mind too much, life’s too short for dat :’D

  26. What a freak! She cray cray!

  27. my god. freak me out. u be safe. keep the pepper spray all the time:)

  28. Be safe and take care!

  29. Babe! This entry freaks me out! >< Take care ok! <3

  30. A friend shared this on Facebook. SUPER. CREEPY. I bet she is reading this as we speak. Be safe babe!!!

  31. Sachron3 Wyatt1 on

    errm never thought of this has came to a very serious case..
    scary… thanks for the advice and hope she stop her stupidity.

  32. Oh dear, stay safe darl. I’ve been stalked with a phone call every night before by a blocked number for almost a year. I thought mine was creepy ass, but yours is at a whole new level! Take care!

    1. i kena that before too. back then i was in high school & had not many important contacts, so i just changed my number!

  33. Omg! This is the first time I’ve heard of such madness! I’m new to your blog, but kudos to you!! I’m glad you’ve sorted it out. Stay safe!!


  34. I don’t follow anyone blog specifically but came through to your blog via another mate’s FB. I do however have significant interests in Psychology.

    What you’ve described is a very classic stalker psychology, in fact it’s so classic nearly what we called “textbook case”.

    Normally this sort of person’s behaviour do not escalate until some sort of trigger which now she wanted to become you and in her mind, you took her identity and it’s a form of mental disorder.

    Unfortunately it does takes awhile before this sort of thing subside (or not), depends and circumstance specific. Nevertheless, she seems to know a lot of your personal details hence you’d have to be a little more careful but do not let it takes over your quality of life. It’s now escalated beyond ‘cybercrime’ but rather a physical stalking.

    Stay away from giving out more personal details and ensure you have all the regulatory details shielded from her. Also your action is applauded for your part, it helps others be aware and yourself to stand up against it – though she’s really onto you…

    Anyway, take care and hope this doesn’t go any further than this.

    P.S: I think her husband is well aware of her mental disorder. This person might also have minor OCD as side effect.

    1. hi JNL, so… what is the name of this disorder? i’ve tried to Google this a few times but it only turns out as ‘copy cat’. so i thought maybe she is not really crazy but just lack identity? :/

  35. This is scary ….. But all I can think about is that she has some ‘multiple personality disorder’ of some sort…. She could be seriously ill than she appears to be and that her parents or husband don’t even realize.

    1. they are aware of it Now. finally… God bless!

  36. Ijan Sabri on

    That was scary.
    Don’t go anywhere alone Cindy.
    Desperate people do desperate thing.
    Learn martial art of you need to.
    Be safe.

  37. Is kinda creepy for you, please take care.
    But on the other side, if she continue you can just meet her at the court.
    Maybe she really has mental problem who knows? But after you blog this, she will also become a victim of cyber crime, look at those comment of people who seen this blog post. You can share, but you cannot manipulate people to attack her. From your blog post, what do you mean by you can hire a team a stalker to stalk her, then you would also be a criminal of cyber crime. The evidence you can show to the police and let the authorized parties to do their job. When you published everything here with those words such as Miss Super Psycho and Bitch. People will start attacking her as well, then you will become another cyber criminal. If you want to share, you can just share without publishing her identity. You are actually using the public to attack her indirectly. Think of it, if she really does have mental problem, you are actually pushing her further until she cannot come back. Think of it, if others starts to attack her or her family because of your post, then would you be another criminal of cyber crime? Indeed you are a victim but on other side, you are also a criminal of cyber crime.

    1. Hi Nick, thank you for your advise but as far as i know, calling someone a bitch or psycho, is not cybercrime. I post this article with the intention to warn everyone that this lady is going around with fake accounts, & what she is capable of. I can not control what the public thinks of her, just like how you’d like to think of me. But before accusing me, please know what IS cybercrime, as what I have done to learn it beforehand.

      1. I think nick is her husband lol.

        Well cindy, ive experienced this once. I lodged a police report and you know what, she counter attack me by lodged a report saying that im her lunatic fans too. That bitch is really deserve a smack on her face!

      2. unfortunately, sometimes what the policemen can do is very limited. we just gotta be careful. not sure if it helps, but in future perhaps these links will come in handy:



      3. Thank you cindy! This entry is such an eye opener for thousand others like us.

        Anyways, take care!

  38. Holy shit…!!! this is super psycho! u take a very good care of yourself cindy.

  39. Whoa…I havent been following your blog a while now. This is really bad! Stalking people to this extend?? She needs to get a life leh….She’s married right? Time for her to have babies or adopt so she can get busy with other things…geez! Scary man!

  40. Read that there is an new legislated Act that just came onboard. See if it helps.


  41. This is Diana.
    We met few yrs back for Olay Regenerist TVC shoot.

    Seriously, that lady is a crazy psycho bitch. Apa dia takde keje ke??

  42. whoa!!!! that was scary…I hope everything fine for you girl. Take care!

  43. i think she’s obsessed with you.. stay safe where ever you go, make sure you go out with friends. God bless you cindy!

  44. perhaps she has no real friends… kesian pun ada. but undeniable. ..it was pretty scary lah for u…

    I thx my friend for sharing this on her fb about this entry. Thank you Cindy for sharing this. take care!

    1. mula-mula i pun kesian la juga, tapi kalau orang tu dah sumpah nak i kena rogol la, mati la… kesiannya pun dah kering.

  45. omg this is creepy >_____> but, how on earth did she get hold of your office details?? (ahem, just kepoh)

    1. i listed ‘where i work’ in Facebook & she was in my friend list at that time. if you have that listed down too, i think better remove it.

  46. Hi , Cindy! I remember seeing you in Jinnyboy’s video & I never knew you had a blog until my friend shared your page.

    I’ve read & share it with some of my friends as this is something I felt like my friends should be careful of , too. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I believe with this post , you may be able to help those who have stalkers like how you’ve experienced.

    May God bless you safe & strength through this horrible incident. Have a great evening ahead & again , thank you for sharing this issue.


    1. hi Vincy, thank you. maybe Jin should shoot an awareness video on this topic, sans anything #WHY-related of course. Have a great day! 🙂

  47. Alicia_George on

    Omaigad… this is scary…. Hope all is well there….

  48. What kinda woman doesn’t know how to hide bra straps? Never heard of a strapless bra? Now I’m thinking that this isn’t even a woman.

  49. Can’t talk sense to a mentally ill person.

    I had a similar experience from a married woman too! Long story, it’s creepy, when she put up nasty post about me, without putting names but all description directed to me, i went crazy bcz I kept guessing whether she is talking about me, next she stalked my whereabouts on Facebook and googled the area, i went nuts bcz I dunno she will appear or follow me back to my house. Next she told ppl around her she looks prettier than me. I din know that this is a competition! Finally she told lies to a friend and the close friend told me, I couldn’t tolerate anymore and investigate things she done.

    She apologized profusely and even called me to ask me to be a forgiving person! Bullshit!

    I deleted her from my Facebook account and, I knew she could be writing untrue stuff all over, but I couldn’t care, I dun want to be another pyscho deciphering her nonsense! Now I am much happier!

    1. hi Charlotte, i think you did the right thing. i believe that married woman is not insane but just reacting out of jealousy. from my experience, (total) ignorance works blissfully towards those who has too much energy to waste. 😉

  50. Just curious, is this the freak you mention? https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.255735784488012.61801.106614729400119&type=1

    I google her name and thispop out.

    1. hi pgt, yes, it is!

  51. WTH, that’s seriously psycho. :/

  52. Was reading this article and it has caught my attention. First and foremost I’m really sorry that you have to endure such a frightening incident and hope that all is well for you in the future. What she has done to you is definitely wrong and in no means condone in our society, and what you have experience is truly horrifying and by no means should happen to anyone. This is not the first case of cybercrime or cyberbullying I have read in the internet. But I would like to share my opinion. In a way I agree with Nick, I think it is right for you to write about this and warn others about this but public shaming by putting her image and name should be avoided. Having read through your article clearly shows that she is suffering frm some sort of mental disorder, a behavior that is not known to be normal as such these people should be handle delicately. I’m pretty sure she is reading this article and all the comments (some pretty bashful) and I’m not sure how she is feeling right now. In some cases these don’t end well. What I mean is because of the enormous emotional stress she is going through now this could lead to her taking her own life. I’m in no way siding her but I think it is not wise to publicly shame an emotionally trouble person and if something bad does happen I don’t think you want to be in any way part of this. I believe what you did was right by reporting her to the police. If the harassment continues you can put a restraining order on her and let the authorities do their job. After all aren’t we all short live and we should live to the fullest and to make others happy. Just my opinion and hope you would agree too. You don’t have to publish my comment, I just wanted to share with you and hope you will do something because personally I’ve come across incidents like these and didn’t end well… For both parties.

    1. hi Dan, thanks for raising your concerns. this is my first time handling such a case, and i’m still figuring out how to do so the best way i can. i’m sure in future i’ll know how to handle it better; though i really do hope this will be the last time.

    2. Hi Cindy, I’m sorry you’ve got to go through this and it must have been tormenting to have someone constantly shadowing you and going overboard on all social media about you. Ack. :/

      However I agree with Dan and Nick as well, perhaps some sensitivity should have been used when sharing about this unfortunate situation of yours (as much as she clearly isn’t sensitive about what she’s doing at all!)! Namecalling is a form of cyberbullying as well, and by using words like Psycho etc. she could use this against you as libel (written defamation).

      She seems to have some unhealthy behaviour and she probably needs some medical attention to deal with her obsessions instead of receiving further discrimination and namecalling (e.g. “crazy” “creep”) from the commenters. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear this about your loved one if he/she has some disorder and does things that aren’t in the right of mind. But I understand it must be extremely frustrating for you!!! 🙁

      I hope you manage to resolve this case soon, in the meantime, stay strong and kind! Good luck!

      (P.S. It’s my first time on this site and I love your site design! it’s clean and simple!)

      1. thank you for the suggestion, Serene. i completely agree with you about the name-calling. in future, #WHY it is! p.s. glad you loved the site. 😉

  53. first time reading your blog because a friend posted this on fb! omg! poor you! scary yet annoying! but super drama !! i never knew such things can happen in real life! be safe!

    1. me too. first time read ur blog . i got the link via FB

  54. Shit just got real.
    Hope you’re doing fine.

  55. Perhaps you can make an additional report to our Malaysian Cyber999. They can assist you further on this matter. Thanks.

    MyCERT Cyber999;


    1. thanks for this iamedwan!

  56. Well.. my stalker is my own friend. And yeah surprisingly she made me as her “stuff” to discuss among her friend that barely knows me.

    All I can say is.. some people are just so really pathetic.

    1. i’d say be careful of your surroundings! between (very) jealous & crazy people, sometimes there is no line dividing those two..

  57. This girl really needs help. Really creepy stalking going on here.

  58. oh my …. This woman used to be in my FB, and she ALWAYS PM me asking what kind of cosmetics/skin cares I use, where did i buy my clothes,bikinis,shorts etc. the next thing i realize is, she is posting some similar pictures with similar captions as mine. Then she started to add friends around me in fb too. Btw, she is always, always complaining about her hubby on her fb page, for being home late, not having dinner with her, making her feel lonely and stuff… oh thank god she has deactivated her fb already, such a creepy freak. I think her hubby should have given her extra attention before she gone even more psycho…

    1. hi Ruby, you serious?! that’s exactly what happened to me! if it’s just about ‘copying’ me, fine. but when she got to the extent of contacting my friends & their partners, i really felt the need to do something. she deactivated her FB account after we filed a police report but as you know, when it comes to Twitter & Instagram, you won’t know which ‘fake’ account belongs to her. so be careful what you posts, okay? i’m just afraid after me, she is targeting somebody else, etcetera.

  59. Clarissa Kor on

    Jesus Christ. Best horror story ever!

  60. hello cindy

    firstly, when i read this entry i thought it juz crazy fan of u.
    but after read more and more and more, i felt so fear.
    dear cindy, please take care yea

  61. hello cindy

    firstly, when i read this entry i thought it juz crazy fan of u.
    but after read more and more and more, i felt so fear.
    she really psycho (before this i tot psycho only the man) huhu
    dear cindy, please take care yea

  62. Dear cindy, i’ve experienced the same situation last year. But luckily my situation wasnt get worse like urs. I appreciate ur writing bout this topic and i believe it will open up the public eyes that it is not normal when people started to copying ur lifestyle. Tq cindy and pls take care.

    1. thanks for your kind wishes, anum. be careful of the content you share online. (:

  63. Whoa, I can relate! Girl, smart move on making the police report. To get a restraining order or something like that is possible for your case. Good luck!

  64. Hi Cindy, chance upon this page on fb n the headline really caught my attention. Based on the informations u wrote, clearly the lady is suffering from some kind of mental disorder. She is sick, n I believe nobody wanna be sick. I felt that by shaming her, u may further cause her disorder to worsen to a extend. I know I’m not in any position to say, but wouldn’t it be nice if u would have talk to her first(with a bodyguard of course), getting to know her issues of why was she doing all that nonsensical things, ask her husband regarding her actions. & tell them how much u had suffered from her actions. I believe the outcome would have been better instead of filing a police report. U would be surprise of how much she may be going through.. just sharing my humble thoughts. I sincerly hope that you will be safe, n hopefully all that had done, the lady will stop bothering u. I wish u in good health! God bless u.

    1. thanks, Eugenia, for the graceful comment. i have no right to certify that she is indeed mentally ill. if she really is, i hope she is getting the help she needs right now. we did try talking to her husband once. unfortunately, it didn’t work. with all my heart i hope this ends soon…

  65. Syafiqah Derani on

    First time reading ur blog. Nice post and the point is nicely arrange.
    My feedback for this topic: SCARY

    Few comments that i thought: Maybe what Nick is trying to say is that by putting/disclosing her name might cause other people stalking her or blaming her or avoiding her or might do some serious physical action to her. Indirectly, this is because of ur information sharing.
    His statement is also true.. but then in this world currently, there’s too many psycho/mental people around and I fully agree with u sharing her image n information so that ur friend or some other people might not experience the same thing as what u had. Of course u can’t control what others would think/do. But I guess, u can still advice others not to do any harm on her as well.
    Becareful and don’t walk around by urself.

    1. hi Syafiqah, i like the nice touch at the end of your comment. you are right. so far, i believe our fellow readers here are aware of her existence & capability. i doubt anyone will go to the extent of doing anything to harm, or avenge her. let’s hope for peace… x

  66. very creepy and scary. she shouldnt be free out there. should put into some psycho hospital or rehab centre perhaps 🙁

  67. First at all reading the blog title, I would say it’s not a big deal, I at first thought like your friends, you should be grateful to have such a crazy fans. At the end, it turn out just creepy, scary and WTH she thinking?
    I hope now you doing well now, hope all the best for you. BTW your action to turn her to the police is a smart move and also reminder to the world that cyber bullying is a serious matter !!

    1. hi Ann, thank you. it’s always better to be safe, than sorry. (:

  68. Adui ms cindy.. ni 1st time i read ur blog..kawan shared. Ada juga org masalah mental mcm ni kat malaysia? Sia fikir WHY ni peminat u yg tegar. So everything she wants to copy. Mcm kita dulu2 zaman kanak2, ikut gaya artis kesayangan kita. Btw, do take care of ur self.. tidak mustahil org ni ble bertindak lebih jauh lagi..God be with you ms cindy

    1. hi Farah, tu la. rasanya banyak, cuma kita tak tau je sebenarnya. berkenaan #WHY ni, kalo dia nak copy, i tak kisah la sangat. bukannay sakit ke ape. tapi bila sampai tahap ada niat nak saya mati, bukan main serius lagi tuh. harap2 semua ni berakhir la cepat…

  69. Wow! That was superfreakycreepy!
    Too many kids or peeps who doesn’t have their own identity nowadays and love copying glamourous lifestyles of others up to a point where they loose it.
    Neeways, thanks for the reminder and stay safe!

  70. Just stumbled across this page of urs, shared by a friend of mine on fb. Totally understand how u feel as I’ve been thru it in my sec sch days for 3yrs, physically. We dun hv fb back then but what this junior schmate of mine did was horrible. I nvr know her but well, she managed to make me do somehow. Wearing all e same accessories as I did, speak in e same way as I do (some quotes that I often use), tie her hair like mine exactly, went to join e same cca as me and often come n stick arn me till all my clsmates couldn’t help but gets concerned too – we looked like twins, except her tall height, we looked n behaved exactly e same. Same like u, I thought there’s nothing to worry abt at first, probably a lil fan n will grow tired of it soon. But when things get worse, it becomes an irritation n a big headache. Fortunately, im out of it now and I do hope get ur “freedom” soon as I totally understand such mental stress.

    1. wow, that’s many (many) years. thank you for sharing your story. i don’t know why people like this exist; to such extreme. glad to hear you are out of it! i hope i get my ‘freedom’ once & for all too!

  71. Saw Nuffnang post about this and I came here straight away. Gosh, always thought that this kind of case happens in hollywood movies only. Talk about mental disorder. Hope you’re doing fine and glad so many people came to help. I’m a new beauty blogger and I hope I’m far away from all these mess. Scary 🙁 You’re so brave and thank you for sharing this story with us!


    1. hi Izzah, welcome to the blogging world! just be careful about sharing your information & you’ll be fine. don’t repeat the same mistakes i did! 😉

  72. LOL..I came across this blog by one of my friend sharing about this post…
    Thanks for informing us about it… That are such a creepy things could ever happen to someone xD BTW, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! GONNA FOLLOW ALL YOUR BLOGPOST AFTER THIS!! <3 but, I'll promise you that I wont be such stalker and copycat like her.. haha oh ya..my name is Christina too and I'm not a psychopath.. xD !!! Much love, Chrissy <3

    1. hi Chrissy, loved your comment! haha.. jokes aside, make sure to watch out for stalkers! happy blogging (:

  73. Sesrch her name on twitter and realized that she’s been following and comment on famous bloggers (like jane, chessie) agressively, maybe she wants to be part of them but used the wrong tactics, pity her for her mentally illness, should alert her family’s member so that they can send her to right cousellor.

    1. yes she did (or probably still does)! hope no one gets affected after this..

  74. Good thing to know.

  75. Bikin takut but also ada lucu ni story kau. Sy harap ada muvi pasal ni cerita in the future. Hahaha. Be careful always. God bless u Cindy.

  76. It’s fine that you’re a victim of cyber bullying and want to voice out your experiences and it’s understandable that you go through the effort to piece together infortmation on the incident, however keeping her identity known on here and not even editing out her twitter handle and such is considered name-shaming and just as bad as cyberstalking. I find it hard to sympathize with anyone who’d go as far as to destroy someone’s name who’s already obviously sick. You just added salt to an open wound.

    I agree that it’s creepy and overall I’m sorry for the pain it’s caused you but really think about doing these small things that can actually keep your reputation clean as well as hers.

    (Also calling someone a bitch online? Not cool.)

    1. hi Natalie, i do agree that the story could have been told more gracefully. also, we can’t say for sure that she is ‘sick’; only a doctor can certify that. if it is any consolation, all her twitter handles, etc has been deactivated couple of months ago.

  77. Andrea Herman on

    This is my 1st time visiting ur blog cindy…and i am surprise knowing this kind of madness is real when i thought its only exist in the dramas that i watched on tv… Gee..glad to read it from u…thanks for sharing it. be safe where ever you are Cindy… GBU^^

  78. Hi Cindy,

    Your caption really strike me to click on your blog page and as I read your post well…..I though she was like a die hard fan at first err… never thought that she eventually turn out to be a weirdo like in CSI, NYPD or Criminal Mind shows in Fox channel. I certainly think that your case is beyond creepiness and glad that you have a strong heart and will to handle her mental & attitude disorder or might as well consider that as conflict identity if the case is prolong without any action but skip that you manage to cut some loose before the creepiness escalate (hope so…let’s hope for that). Report to the authorities is good. Thanks for sharing tho and be careful. Bahaya…bahaya…

    1. now she ‘lay low’, God knows when she’s gonna ‘strike’ again. i pun dah x tau nak cakap ape dah…

  79. Hi Cindy, i got to know your blog thru NN sharing this post on Fb. Damn this lady is so creepy! I searched for her tag at twitter and found out that she always “pretend” to be friendly to other famous bloggers like JaneChuck and Cheesie. Wtf!!! She definitely has mental problem. Anyway, glad that u shared ur experience here so that we all can be more aware now. Thank you and take care!

    1. i’ve noticed that as well! Jane has read about this so I’m sure she is aware. Cheesie too, most probably. Thanks, Ruiix!

  80. Saw this from a friends fb wall. Cindy , make sure if anything happens in the future dont be afraid to put this psycho down *permanently* . My gfs purse was almost snatched couple weeks ago, thank god she remembered what I told her and I got there just in time. Broke the thiefs arm and leg , remember its you or her. Unleash the animal and protect what is yours! Stay safe

    1. oh my, i hope neither you nor your gf was hurt! i’ll try my best to protect myself. my family are aware of it too.. take care (:

  81. LonerAhCong on

    When people have no creative, just copy and they gets jealous of the attentions which people can receive and they can’t. This world has so much weirdos. So sick and crazy. haha stay safe!

  82. Matthew GSJ on

    I came across this site while randomly scrolling down my news feed,now im shocked! first time hearing such a ridicilous story,how could a “married” women be so “in love” with another women to the extended of calling up her work place “several times”,how retarded can a person be lol,i don’t know if you did the right thing of totally emberrasing her on public media but it ain’t a safe world out there so most likely you have done the right thing (Y) tc

  83. TiffanyBunny on

    Read your blog because my friends shared the post… like one of the reader posted above, can’t believe such person exist in this country~ that’s really creepy and scary!! and she threaten you not once but so many times… she got some psychological problem I think… You should warn JaneChuck and Cheesie them too just in case this girl decided to target other blogger… >,<

  84. sounds like you met a meth user drug-like or mental damaged after some event like people to me.

  85. Ok WOW! Saw this link in fb. Reading through at first I had a good laugh (no offense at all) on how she does all the similar postings on instagram. Then it’s even a better laugh to see the differences in ‘likes’.

    Then it gets creepy. She has a lovehate relationship for you now. But kudos, this post will definitely put her away for a while if not forever.

    First time reading your site. Good one!

    1. thank you… i really hope forever though.

  86. Wow she has issues.

    #WHY, if you’re reading this, (you most probably are).. YOU know that this is NOT NORMAL. Please know that YOU can STOP this and get better only if you WANT to. so get yourself to any psychiatrist, I would recommend Dr Kasmini Kassim at Damansara Specialist, she’s caring and professional and she doesn’t judge. Damansara Specialist is considered cheap. For a cheaper option, you can go to Deva Dass – https://plus.google.com/115074193359543578090/about?gl=my&hl=en.

    They are both really good doctors and they will help. You can stop having whatever issues you’re having with yourself, but remember one thing, you MUST WANT to help yourself too.

    1. hi Fahani, this is actually a very good comment. thanks for sharing your recommendation. if she’s reading this, perhaps she can seek help from Dr. Kasmini.

  87. Fatin Nabila on

    I came across this post on fb, one of my friends shared this. Im so sorry for you and that lady. But I would have freak out if I ever encounter this. Be safe! Im definitely not a stalker! :p

  88. And i thought that been stalk is fun

  89. Well, if you had this type of stalker. I think you should report to the police asap, let her get into rehabilitation or something. This is not your ordinary stalker people… I hope the stalking simmers down because that is damn creepy. I’d probably beat the shit out of people who tries to stalk me or the people i care about like that.

  90. Mavis Jazzelle on

    Hi Cindy, I am not really your big fan but I do read your blog sometimes. It is sad that the Wan Hoong is doing these kind of things to you and it cause a big disturbance to your life. I somehow understand your feeling because I used to got stalked but someone too. I tried to visit her social media like twitter or instagram but I think she deactivated all of the social media account. Hmmmm, I think she really need to visit a psychiatrist, I dun understand what is the purpose of keep stalking people that you hate or love, plus she’s an adult with a husband. I think she just want to have your life that why she copy everything u do or say? It just so wrong, anyway you are really very pretty and I hope that this things can get over soon!

  91. farahfreddy on

    She’s creepy!and thank goodness she didn’t behave drastic by threatening u with murder or kidnapping u.thanks for sharing this to all of us.i guess it gave us lessons that social networking is no longer a safe place to share our daily life.take care Cindy!

  92. holy shit that’s just the scariest thing I’ve ever read. that woman is creepy, every single thing about her is super creepy. i hope you’re fine now though! in korea, they call people like #WHY a ‘sasaeng fan’. Sasaeng fans, they actually secretly install cameras in their idols’ home or toilet or anywhere. and they stalk them too! omg, too hardcore man, too hardcore. still, i hope you’ve recovered from the shock and stay away from people like them HAHA.

    1. cameras are indeed super creepy. oh dear.. Saaaeng – i learn a new word today. well at least they don’t intent for their idols to be scarred, raped or murdered…

  93. Syazlie Ishak on

    Hi Cindy… im from Brunei(if u check my ip address hehe) so im not ‘WHY’. This is seriously SCARY! So just be Extra Careful ok. People like this can do so many things we can never imagine…so that extra careful would help.

    Take care

    -Syaz 🙂

    1. hello from Malaysia! never knew i have a reader from Brunei 😀 hope the case will close once & for all…

  94. lychee sofreakinggood on

    Hi cindy! Came across this post on facebook where my friend share it, thanks for sharing with us about this encounter, its really kind of creepy, but take care and stay safe (:

  95. First time here from a FB link my friend shared on her page, very interesting post there haha! (Creepy at the time seriously) Will visit your blog again!

    1. please do visit! (;

  96. Rusyd Rosman on

    This creepiest shit right there.

  97. At first i thought you were overreacting over that girl copying everything from your ig posts (sorry about that) but as i read further damn shes reaaally creepy and sick. She must be really obsessed with you. Take care and be careful okay. I pray for your safety. Ps i am not WHY

  98. Hi Cindy,

    I’ve came across your blog post from Facebook. Personally, I have no idea who you are but whatever you wrote there, it’s pretty goddamn creepy if you ask me.

    Even though I have no idea who are you but I hope you’re safe out there from this crazy fan of yours and I wish you all the best.

    I don’t normally comment on other people’s blog but hey, I think it’s important for you to know and get all these positive auras around you to get through this horrific incident.

    Wish you all the best,

    1. thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment, Emi. your warm piece of positivity is happily received (: be careful x

  99. popeyevodka on

    she’s crazy…be careful cindy.

  100. […] Cindy, so much so that it drove her to a boiling point. In the past week, she finally decided to write about the reccurring incident after receiving a death threat from the fan-turned-stalker, Wan Hoong Yeap aka […]

  101. Hi! Cindy

    I experienced something similar but yet not quite the same.

    I had this defamation saying I am with this guy that I do not know of and I am having an affair… This is utterly nonsense.

    I made the police report and took them a while to discover who. This woman created many accounts and start posting on Instagram making it look like there are many chatters. Best is, she can create a character for each account.

    She started digging out my personal information… Lots of it and some achieve photo taken back in 2007.

    She is a cyber bully… Attacking me behind her laptop.

    Of cos I did my homework too…

    For now, I’ll just wait and see what’s the court verdict and I’ll make my next move from there.

    So Cindy, hang it there… I am sure you will get your justics.

    Take care!

    1. i could only imagine the time spent to register these fake accounts & logging in / out to leave nasty comments as different individuals… sounds like so much unnecessary insane work! can never understand these people

  102. If only she could channel all that stalking energy towards her better half, she’d get a very happy husband.

    Oh well….. #shrugs

    1. i wonder why she just doesn’t get it.

  103. Hey Cindy, I’d say that you’re very brave to stand up against this creepy stalker who has cursed you as soon as you turned your back against her. Please stay safe!!

    1. thanks, Georgia! we shall see what happens next…

  104. I believe this woman is
    1) Extremely free with her time to be able to spent on doing this to you
    2) Mentally unstable as it seems she can think of so many ways to just stalk you
    3) Unsatisfied with life and attention at home. Maybe her husband is not paying much attention to her.
    4) Psychologically impaired
    5) Just plain annoying

    1. & if there were checkboxes for the list above i would tick ’em all!

  105. Hey,

    Came across your post when my friend shared it on fb. Kinda understand what it must be like for you. I didn’t get cyberstalked, but I got psycho-stalked. Lol.

    Anyways, I think it’s good you shared this. It creates awareness. Hope everything turns out all good for you eventually. Stay careful!

  106. Wow. I found your blog from a friend who shared it on FB. This WHY person reminds me of those crazy kpop fans who invade the kpop idols privacy, the same concept as this WHY person but worse. I hope you’re safe and this WHY person will stop what she is doing. Lol.

  107. Hi Cindy, I’ve happen to know you from this matter you’ve been through via a friend’s post about in on facebook. You should have been reported her much more earlier than you did. People experience this kinda problem a lot these days. Maybe you can’t avoid in a blog to associate persons you don’t know but you can avoid in fb or twitter and such. And it’s really a good thing that you’ve shared this with us, it gives a good message to us all. I really appreciate your behaviour 🙂

  108. Thanks for sharing Cindy. Never knew will have such crazy people!! Please take care and be careful

  109. Merelle Tann on

    Hello, Cindy.
    Came across your blog through Facebook (my friend shared your post).

    This WHY girl is VERY creepy if you ask me. I’ve encountered someone similar to her. Only that he’s a male. Male stalker is far more creepy. But in this case, this WHY girl is more creepy and very daring (not sure if I should say daring or not). Not to mention that she’s a married woman.

    Well, I just hope this case will come to an end soon. I know its hard having people to stalk you. And copying too. Just be extra careful. Who knows what will happen next.

    Be strong, girl. 😉

  110. OMG!..that’s so annoying and scary~

  111. So freaky how someone can be so obsessed… A few years ago I have an obsessive friend because of her lonely nature and I was her only friend. Many problems later, I broke the friendship. Couple of years later, I encountered a few people who I now label ‘must avoid’. But that’s easy because face to face, you can somewhat tell what a person is like after awhile… But this girl is just creepy… Especially on the internet, she can try to use a different identity to stalk you. I’m amazed by your skill and attitude to counter her attacks. People need to know more about what they can do if they are cyber bully victims

  112. Keep up the good work cindy. This has been a lesson for all.

  113. Shuhada Shah on

    Dear Cindy

    I hope everything goes well and this bullying end here. She already cross the line when she cursing you and asked for bad thing happen. After read this entry, I guess she just a sad person who want to be someone else who were friendly and beautiful like you.

    If this happen to me I don”t know what should I do and thanks to you this is an eye opener.

    Take care Cindy

  114. wow so creepy… this is horrible, I hope this doesn’t happen to you or anybody else

  115. Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let
    you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

  116. Wan Hoong, I think you will be reading this since you are still obsessed with Cindy. Possibly you are visiting this site and scouring every single thing on this blog and Cindy.

    A word of advice: You can’t retract a police report and even if Cindy decides to make another police report to say she will not take action, its up to the police whether they want to take further action.

    And please seek medical help. Mental illness is just like any other physical illness. You just need the right medicine to control your obsessive thoughts.

  117. Hi Cindy, I’ve been your reader since yonks ago. I have never posted a comment but after reading this post, i decided to drop you a message. I really admire your courage in exposing such bully. What a bizarre individual you have encountered! I would have thought there were much more meaningful things for anyone to do other than writing pathetic crazy emails with fake identities.

    Anyhoo, wishing you all the best and keep writing great posts like you have been doing 🙂

    Your keen reader from Australia. x 😉

  118. oh my goodness, this is worse than marrying the wrong person for the wrong reason.

    I hope things will be better for you Cindy.

  119. […] – My story as a victim of cybercrime was featured in Singapore’s The New Paper, alongside bloggers like XiaXue and […]

  120. OMGGGGGG!!! Please be careful! Mcm takde kerja lain je psycho ni

  121. Wow…this is one hell of a good read…creepy but good…

    Never knew how one person can go to that extreme….major obsession!!!

    You are very brave for standing up to this weirdo…

    Stay safe babe!

  122. mohd rafi bin mohd amin on

    Greetings cindy,
    I am not a follower of bloggers. Just came across your blog from a posting in my facebook.
    Interesting problem you have. I have come across some characters like this when i was working as a nurse at our old woodbridge mental hospital, now known as institute of mental health- kalau orang malaysia cakap hospital gila la…
    You have made a police report. That is a good step. You can actually take a PPO- personal protective order against her- but not sure if malaysian courts does this.
    That means she cannot communicate with in any form. She has to stay away from you. If she breaks that the law will hentam her.
    Do take care and best wishes…

    1. Hi Mohd Rafi, thanks for the tip. I hope we can take PPO in Malaysia… though I doubt there is such option in this country. Sigh, but I will definitely learn all my options should she come back again! Thank you 🙂

  123. First time visiting your site, and WOW… at that #Why women.. She is so creepy, have never met women like this before><. Hope thing will get better for you girl! Stay safe and pretty. 🙂

    1. Hi Jasmine, it is most unfortunate that I’ve met a woman like #WHY. I hope you will NEVER have to this lifetime. Take care & thanks for reading! 😉

  124. Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on. Any tips?

    1. Hi Kecantikan, a basic tip would be to use a strong password, and change it frequently. Hope that helps!

  125. First off I would like to say excellent blog!
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    1. Hi, I think it’s important to find out which environment works best for you. Personally, I can center myself pretty quick in a quiet & conducive place; like my home office – No music, not cafes. As for not wasting the first few 10 minutes, I’d say just type out everything without editing / filtering your words. Once you are warmed up, come back, reread, & edit your paragraph. I hope this helps. 🙂

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    1. Hi Aracelis, I like your name! Thanks for the encouragement & support… I hope to hear more from you through this blog. Have a nice day! 🙂

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    1. Hi, I’d suggest WordPress definitely. I’ve been using it for years & can’t complain. If you have some budget or website design knowledge, get it redesigned! Good luck (:

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    1. Hi! Not sure if i did chance upon your site, but thanks for visiting!

  131. […] reading the whole article, I have so many thoughts that I wanna pen it down. Article: i-am-a-victim-of-cybercrime When you’re a victim of cybercrime, what should you be thinking? Once, I also had […]

  132. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I’m impressed!
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    1. Hola! I’m glad to hear that. Hope it helps (: Have a great upcoming weekend!

  133. […] blog received the craziest hits (28,000 hits per day!) from this blog post. Even a short film was made inspired by it and a newspaper feature […]

  134. I think she has this psychological disease called single white female syndrome. well, hopefully you’re safe dear.

    1. thanks mimo. hope i hear more from you, and never from her again! >.<

  135. Hey Cindy, this is the first time I’m at your blog. Uh…not really first time. Someone share your post on FB, then I share it out & I reread this post again & someone send me a video link & here I am back again.lol!

    So someone did share the video link. It was a short film. I think it was based on your story. Not sure you know about it tho.


    Anyway, really nice blog.

    1. Hi Jacq! Thanks for sharing this with me. The film was shot for BMW Shorties by a friend based on my story, but he twisted it a little bit at the end. Hehe.. Am very glad to hear you like my blog. Hope to hear from you again soon! 😉

  136. did this really come back round??? SO SCARY. take care, cin. we need to ketchup gurrrrrl. i’m still on the same number if you have it xx

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