Umbrella in the Sea


every time i feel my world is crashing, the skies turn gloomy and they too start falling. when i was young i thought babies i came from the sky, maybe i was right. at least they feel me, cry with me. i guess these black and white shots are self-explanatory; why they habituate this space today. i wish i could say i’m on the road to recovery but alas i’m still far from standing. questions of whys and ifs are consistently constructing solid base in this head – i wish i could see a blueprint. it’s like when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object; that’s exactly what this is.







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One comment

  1. Keep swimming..keep swimming.. Dont worry if you can stand up or not .. just keep swimming.. you will grow stronger from time to time.. 🙂

    Skies might turn gloomy sometime but hey, there is always a silver lining.. oh yea.. u forget the sunshine is there too!

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