i can never forget the way the cheerful sun poured his glory all over Rome that one crisp Tuesday morning. Everyone had their share of it, as long as they got out of the house. i for one, was surely not an exception. It was my first official day in the remarkable city; a place so old yet so new to me. Every step i took was almost a full hop or a gallop, rather than a proper stride as i cruised around like a cherub.

i’ve decided to split Rome travel entries into two: Rome in the day and Rome at night, as to not rob you off all your bandwidth in one go. In this first half chapter alone, we have about 50 pictures but not to worry, you won’t feel the “50”. As usual, the titled pictures are travel highlights that you should be looking out for. Today, we have 3 significant places to explore together. Put on your sunglasses! 8)


{The Sacred Area of Largo Argentina}

i wouldn’t include the above as one of the main highlights, as you will most probably see it if you loiter around the city centre anyway, and that it is like an open book – you could see every part of it while standing aloof in front of its description board. If you were to spend 3 days in Rome, then by all means please dig in!


{a ‘funny’ house that really caught my attention; which i think might interest you too}


{at this point, i discovered my favorite tree – yet i still do not know its name. be it the city or countryside, these giant ‘bonsais’ lined the country at almost every corner and needless to say, most handsomely}


{this ‘palace’ that you keep seeing here is actually Altare della Patria, also known as the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II, the first king of a unified Italy}


{it makes me wonder every time i see how a horse works for a living, while a human being with two hands and legs, begs for one . . .}


{a gorgeous dilapidated Rome; which decays are titivated by great preservation efforts}

1. The Colosseum (duh!)


If this was a blog by TripAdvisor, i would give you the entire history of this monumental place. But as i am here to tell you a story, i believe it is wiser to spare you the details to be discovered by yourself when you have the chance to be present there. And especially not, when you could Wiki it for more accuracy and detailed writing. So here i present you the colosseum, from my point of view (and with me in it, occasionally):


{just think “Gladiator“!!! you never know, something portent might happen with the use of your imagination 😛 }


{i wonder what does it say?}


{outside view from the colosseum – see those trees again? 🙂 }


{from outside the colosseum – your second compulsory shot}


{i would buy this ring simply to imply “i have Rome in my hands / finger / whatever“, but it was so costly i thought a gladiator might as well behead me for its price!}


{so in terms of where a souvenir is concerned, a typical fridge magnet would do; but only if you are collecting of course, OR these adorable pasta bottles; which you can even DIY at home!}

2. Palatine Hill + Roman Forum


Same thing here: i’m not your history teacher so kindly don’t expect a class. But do enjoy this part of a photo diary from my lenses. You will see quite a number of tree shots as i was seriously drawn towards them:


{check out The Globetrotter fashion post blown out here}


{walked through Via Nova to discover Casa di Livia and Casa di Augusto}


Travel Tip: BUY YOUR TICKETS IN ADVANCE and keep your entire morning to cover this whole area (about 2 – 3 hours). It IS advisable to get a tour guide – they can be found roaming OUTSIDE the colosseum. Make up your mind before you go because once you get in, it would be HELL just to get out and pull one in.

Cost (Ticket): 14 €

3. The Pantheon


A bit of a walk from the forums (you may need an actual map / Google Maps + 3G) will guide you to the temple to all gods of ancient Rome. How can you not see that? NO way!


{so here we are, championing a colorful flood of boisterous tourists}


Then came lunch time and i decided on a huge pizza. Oh, and i also hired a solemn bird for company. You shall see . . .


Cost (Pizza for two): 21 €


To be continued . . .

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