A Harvest of Dreams


Whether it’s the moonlight or sun shining as wealthy as a silver dollar, there is something about the idea of running through cornfields that always entices me. It’s like a fragment of the faintest memory collected from an unknown past that belongs to me, forgotten to be confiscated by the soul keeper.

While some dreams are made of castles, unicorns, and cotton candy, a huge part of mine is consumed by the ‘notion’ of a farm (so much I’d love to have a farm wedding one day). So imagine my fleeting happiness when I found myself in a sea of ‘hidden gold’ harvest! Of mysterious cornfields, apple orchards, and dreamy vineyards, this post is bound to be a dream-packed journey. Who says you can only dream with your eyes closed? 😉


{Ultracorn! The accidental patch of corn hair on my tummy = “I am Groot!“}


The word ‘bucket list’ may sound far fetched, but I’ve learned that not all dreams have to be big to fit the bill. One of my simpler ones is to pluck an apple from an apple tree. Guess what happened that day:


 {Hello, bucket list! Tick tick}


Of vineyards, childhood swing, and blissfulness.


{Summer Wine fashion post here}


{A guise of how paradise looks like in my eyes}


 {Blossoming fragments of love . . . for the wild flower child <3 }



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  1. nice dress cindy!!!!

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