The Danna


Stranded by choice at the jewel of Kedah, there are many things one can do to survive, but we chose to learn how to live, not just to survive. First in the list to begin with is Leo’s faithful company of morning coffee and iGadgets. i of course, adorned my body in silk and satin for a full day of cocooned comfort. Took a two way cable car ride wallpapered by rich green forests and into a heaven of nothingness. What i love most is the breeze. Oohhh, that breeze. You can take a dip in a grand waterfall and have it blow dry your hair within matter of minutes – speaking of going green. Back to The Danna to rest, but ended up dancing around the spacious, spacious room with imaginary music playing at the back of my stereo head. Silently counted the happily swimming kois in a languid lake. Read a beautiful book in a blue tiered pool. Played ‘lost in wonderland’ at the luxurious hotel garden landscape in my white as cotton cloud pareo. Evidences? Below:




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  1. Pretty place with pretty lady. 🙂

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