Villa Borghese


i had only one morning left in Rome but there was one last place left in my itinerary i wanted to go so badly: Villa Borghese. The trouble: we had to rush to Naples before their famous pizza runs out at 1 p.m. Being greedy, ambitious travellers, we decided to make it happen. Of course we made it happen!

It was a blessing in disguise when we saw an Italian man renting out Segway PTs at the entrance. The first 15 minutes, i was being every inch a miserable sceptic – “There is absolutely NO way i’m getting on that thing / i’d rather DIE! / Please, you go ahead” – At the same time, good or bad i do not know, i am a person easy to persuade. No sooner than i thought, i was already striding on that ‘thing’, cruising around the lovely park in spring.

To be honest, i didn’t know what i was doing or how i ‘survived’. The entire time i had to put all my focus into not falling flat. However, i have to admit that the best way to explore Villa Borghese, is by using those ‘weird’ machines; especially when time is not on your side. They transform an otherwise ordinary park visit into an adventurous, productive, and unforgettable experience.


{Segway PT 101}


{trying my best not to look awkward}


{exploring magnificent villas and wondering the kind of stories they would tell behind those gates}


{my awkward face}


{overlooking Piazza del Popolo}


{getting slightly better at it . . .}


{more gorgeous villas to make you wish you lived there}


{my best stability pose!}


{a tiny spot of awkwardness}


{the best facial expression i could pull, for you}

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