The Witch of OZ


G’day mate! This is my second time blogging from Australia. Ai Rene and i had just sorted out our flights and accommodation to Sydney (we are going this very weekend) and i’m awfully excited – or perhaps way beyond that. Right after blogging we’re gonna check out this uber cool cafe at Paddington suburb, visit the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), and discover Australia’s new world city inside out. Tonight i’ll also be watching a rugby show at Brisbane for the very first time (yummy)! Of course i will share ’em hot pictures with you but for now, let’s settle with some classic black and white shots i captured with my Canon EOS 600D during my last visit to a random but gorgeous seaside. Till then, lots of love from the happiest girl alive dancing with dolphins and hopping with kangaroos at OZ land. 😉








Even though i’m at OZ rooting for Broncos, that doesn’t mean i totally forget about the Axiata Cup in Malaysia! Though we didn’t make it to the finals, you can still get a piece of action on your mobile and stand a chance to win the brand new Nissan Livina X-Gear by 1st May 2012 among many other cool prizes such as the Samsung Galaxy Note (x 12)! Just get on The Cube and subscribe to Who Will Win for exclusive Axiata Cup downloads on your phone – trivia, MMS puzzle, Call Me Tones, personality quiz, mobile games, wallpapers, latest news and updates at Remember: THIS, could be yours:



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