Whimsy Flimsy

For the longest time i’ve been longing to visit the National Science Center (because it is only 7 minutes from my house), but i never got around doing it. i guess i don’t have to explain why.

Until one day, i managed to trick someone into executing the plan… 😉


HA HA HA HA HA !!!!! Poor guy.

i told him it’s a new building (it does look new from afar!) but comedically, right at the entrance there’s a sign that says :

The National Science Centre is officiated by *insert menteri name* on DD/MM/ Year 1992.


FML. Anyway, here’s a picture of me with an ugly white fish. i swear if i stare at it for longer than 5 seconds i would convert myself into a vegetarian.


Here’s a|x and his physic balls. Read that again, read that again!! It’s funny how it sounds kinda wrong! -_-


i am Thundercat. GRRR… MEOWW!! GRR… MEOWWW!!!


Took this picture because i’ve always been jealous of a|x’s beautiful long lashes while mine are well, i hate to say this, but you know, shortER! >.<


Apparently, they’re building some Jurassic Park in there~

Bored of this lousy place, we decided to play chess.


i guess all his hours battling at chess.com pays off. He beat me hands down. Dough!


Dragged him into cam whoring the (distorted) mirror style~ LOL


i don’t dare imagine what happens if this humongous blade really fell down. Everything here is so old and lousy. It’s a Science MUSEUM, not Science Centre!


The value of this picture is probably higher than the value of Science info this object carries.

i shall end this pretty random post with a picture of us :


Mirror mirror on the wall…

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  1. ytd when i was driving Kai home, we passed by this crap building. he then ask me, wow, what’s this building? looks nice! the colour, etc..
    i then tell him that this is the one you mentioned during our dinner on sunday.

    he then laughed damn loud LOL

    1. Ahaha! Thank God he didn’t suggest kata nak pegi! Haha damn science museum kononnyer! 😀

    2. LOL! tu lah Malaysia!!

  2. I only went there once when it was the Da Vinci’s exhibition. Pretty neat place but too bad they haven’t maintain it very well tho.

    1. now even more lau ya.. maintain also tadak

  3. shd go visit Sg Science center then! hehehehe *evil laugh*

  4. national science = national shy ?

    A|X a handsome guy^>^

    1. hahaha national shy! good one; better than the science center. lol! & i just showed a|x your comment! XD

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