i Have Eyebrows!!!

Below is a video i did that will teach you how to draw beautifully shaped brows step-by-step. It won’t let you down! 🙂


1. Brush brows to remove any debris before applying eyebrow pencil.

2. Always identify arch first.

3. Your brows should be darker from arch to end, & lighter at the start of brows.

4. Brush again to keep brows in place.

p/s: i’m wearing the Tassel Blouse from The Pop Look. They have new items coming in, so get yours here today!

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  1. “omg i have brows again!”
    Haha! Silly!

    1. lol~ it came to MEE!!! XD

  2. Your brows make your face look sad, too droopy..

  3. haha love ur vid! very helpful! 😀

    1. glad u like it babe! <3

  4. our eyebrows are sisters, not twins! 🙂

    1. Quote Michelle Phan? haha..

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