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Me : I got Tupperware!!!

a|x : Mothers like Tupperware. If they don’t, they are not mothers.

That’s the perception most people have – that Tupperware is only for mothers. Truth is, Tupperware actually has new designs that are fun and colourful to suit young generation like us.


BYO TaPau is Tupperware’s latest innovation of Simple Living Solutions that allows you to TaPau (takeaway) soupy stuff. I love soupy stuff! The first thing I want to TaPau is my all-time favourite “yi tau mai” (Fish Head Noodles).


As usual, I brought my Tupperware set to Fatty Ma‘s stall; which has become a|x and my usual lunch take-away spot on weekdays.

If you wonder why TaPau,

1. Taking away using Tupperware means going eco because you are reusing and reducing.
2. We like to eat at the comfort of our own home(s) instead of those oven-like zap fan places.
3. It is almost impossible to go anywhere far to eat during a one hour lunch break, so Ta Pau before going to work, or drive to that faraway Yong Tau Fu place and Ta Pau it back to the office to eat in the pantry. 



So yay~ this is me on my usual Ta Pau adventure.


Takeaway 1: Fish Head Noodles for myself.


BYO TaPau is designed specially for noodle soups. There are 3 parts – the Crystalwave bowl, the noodle holder, and the cover with a vent cap for steam to escape.


{The most ideal way to takeaway noodle soups}

Takeaway 2: Chicken Rice for a|x.


Seriously – this uncle is always super happy to see me because he says I help him save his Styrofoam boxes and plastic spoons.


For a|x! Super delicious, I want to eat his too.


Takeaway 3: Ka Liu / Additional Dishes. 



{I took tofu but in the end I changed my options towards more greens}



Now you see why I love Tupperware? No more spills too because the brilliant Grip n Go carrier secures containers firmly. They’re so handy and definitely not just for aunties.


{Even the wantan mee seller kept asking me to take a picture of HER Tupperware because hers is the same colour with mine too}


{Back home to a|x’s to celebrate our usual TaPau weekday lunch}


This is how the 3-piece Tupperware set looks like when detached from the Grip n Go carrier:


The vent cap . . .


. . . for steam to escape. Open and place it in the microwave to heat your lunch when needed.


Worry not because Tupperware is safe and toxin-free. You can just heat and eat it straight from the container because they are made from microwaveable material.

Now, to eat my noodles:


BYO Ta Pau is multi-tiered to hold different types of food.


The Noodle Holder is brilliant because not only does it separates the noodles from its soup, the sides are designed for easy and safe handling for clumsy people like me.

It fits over the Crystalbowl and has holes so that noodles are kept moist by steam from soup below, not ending up soggy or clumpy.


Instead of use-and-throw plastic bags, containers or Styrofoams, TaPau with a clear conscience knowing that you – reduce plastic waste and garbage in this world.


{See how nice is my Eco Lunch? It is eco AND economically friendly too!}


Last but not least, there’s also the Eco Bottle Spring (500ml) in 4 funky colours:


Cherry | Orange | Lemon | Lime; which I filled with water and placed to chill in the fridge’s “Bottle Pocket”.


It looks so much nicer compared to those plastic mineral water bottles; which literally looks like trash at home. Just imagine if they were to replace my two lovely Eco Orange & Eco Lemon in the picture above – get what I mean?


a|x is a super eco-friendly guy and we both think that TaPau is a great idea. Imagine how many plastic bags you reduce throwing if you Ta Pau 4 times a week! Now imagine 4 weeks, 4 months, then 4 years.

Ta Pau makes lunch time more fun, while going eco with Tupperware makes you a cool person because caring for the environment is the hottest trend in town. Watch Orange & Winson show the easy steps on how to use the BYO Tupperware set in this video to fully utilize your new Tupperware set without damaging them.


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  1. Hi Cindy, where is the fish head noodle stall ?

  2. I’m a loyal fans of Tupperware too!! There are so many colorful Tupperware in my house. The auntie put on wide smile on her face everytime she sees me with a Tupperware ^^
    Save the environment !

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