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Here are the Top 5 scenarios in my life where Simple facial wipes MUST exist.

5. The beach –> The sea


i love to take pretty shots during my beach vacations, hence i do wear makeup to the seaside. But when it comes the hour to swim, it’s time to shove the DSLR away and whip out my trusty packet of Simple facial wipes! Pull out a sheet, wipe everything off, slab on loads of sunblock to your face and start snorkelling~

4. On the Plane –> Destination! –> On the plane


It is advisable to not wear any makeup when flying because the air in planes is very dry. Plus, no one’s gonna look at you the whole time. Passengers will either be reading, or sleeping. Here is when i practice Rule #3 (below). Your skin has pores; let ’em breathe! Only start applying / removing foundation half an hour upon arrival / taking off. There’s no excuse for you not to do so anymore because with this great invention, you definitely don’t have to carry bottles of makeup remover + cotton pads while traveling.

3. Afterwork —> On the way home / to Dinner / before hitting the Gym


As mentioned here, i’ve been minimizing the time of wearing foundation on a daily basis and the results has reflected transparently on my complexion. Basically i ‘dress up’ my eyes and leave everything else bare with just a thin layer of sunblock. On days i’m lucky to get a dinner date, i pull a faithful piece of Simple facial wipe to clean my face (sans eye area) and layer it with toner + moisturizer before dabbing on foundation. Whereas on days i wear foundation to work, the most immediate thing i do when stuck in traffic on the way home is: remove my makeup. It is so simple and effective you should (really) practice this too!

2. After Party –> In bed


i believe those who could relate to this post here would strongly agree that it is highly recommended to place a packet of Simple right next to your bed / where easily reachable. Retiring from a long night being the hottest dancin’ queen in town? Grab a piece of Simple facial wipe and clean your ENTIRE face before you pass out and go to sleep happy! Gone were the days where you have to wake up feeling guilty for endlessly clogging your pores with ‘paint’, oil, and sweat.

1. Basically ANYWHERE | Where: EVERYWHERE

This staple product has become something i always ended up regretting not bringing along with me. i literally find myself missing it in the darnest situations. Let’s just say you’ll never know when you need it. Simple facial wipes are made from natural ingredients, 100% alcohol free, leaving skin soft and supple, 100% oil free, leaving no greasy residue, and are pH balanced so they are in harmony with your skin. The magic part is, they remove waterproof mascara as well! Here’s a how-to video i did on how that works. Also, don’t forget to Like Simple FB here.


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