[AD] You’re A Song In My Heart


{me and a hot red Ruby}

After posting this picture of me and LeeHom, i’ve received many comments along the lines of: “i’m sure many LeeHom fans in Malaysia are envious of you.” Well, i am envious of myself! But here are some more shots from the meet and greet @ Hilton that i would love very much to share with you. In Cin City, everyone gets a piece of LeeHom.


{me | Abby | Sarah}

Dear Homaniacs, there is a “Be Like LeeHom and Win” contest that promises you these fantastic prizes (that i would love to win all):

  • 1 x Imported Lee Hom Bahamut Dragon Air Guitar
  • 5 x Autographed Open Fire Greatest Hits Album


There’re 3 easy ways you can participate in this fun and awesome contest:

  1. Submit a 30 sec – 10 minutes video of you impersonating any of LeeHom’s song and upload it to www.facebook.com/xpaxfb
  2. Dial *22009 and karaoke or sing along to a Lee Hom song
  3. Snap a picture of your signature LeeHom pose and send it to 23131 (to be in the running as well as receive FREE MMS content every week)

Try to be as creative as you can with your video as the competition is tough! i chose to go with option #1, and below is a video of me singing 你是我心內的一首歌 by Wang LeeHom and Selina:

If you still can’t get enough of my lover idol, get exclusive LeeHom downloads from The Cube by dialing *888#. Select Hot Deals and choose Lee Hom, or simply visit http://m.thecube.my


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  1. i wanted to hear u sing the hokkien part!

    1. Haha KY it will be funny if Cindy do that ;p

      1. i am Hokkien lang leh!

  2. I actually like this video! its nice! haha!

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