[AD] Bright Like A Diamond

A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. It is the best ‘accessory’ in the morning too, when you’re not wearing any makeup (waking up next to your partner).

So SMILE!!! 😀

However, if you don’t have nice clean white teeth, then i’m afraid you might have to do this :


But obviously you can’t hide your teeth forever. A smile is so powerful it could break ice, so don’t hide that great power!

i don’t want to make this sound like a thank you speech, but i should REALLY thank (guess who) my mum. She made sure i brush my teeth at least twice a day ever since i had baby teeth, till i was …


17? One of the earliest ‘thing’ i was introduced to, was Darlie toothpaste. Therefore, it has become a brand i will always remember because so many Chinese families i know grew up with it, including my cousins.

Brushing my teeth with Darlie has definitely became like a religion to me; i’m passing it down to my kids some day. 😉


If you haven’t noticed, there is the *new* Darlie All Shiny White toothpaste; which i’m currently using as well. It is not an ordinary toothpaste because it has Whitening super powers!!!

i’m not gonna brag about how powerful it is here because the best way for you to find out, is for you to experience it yourself. Good news is, thanks to Darlie, you can :


get your WHITE OFFER today! Print this coupon out and get RM1 off any Darlie All Shiny White 160g toothpaste purchase.

Darlie 1

There’s also the White Mission contest where you can play this game and win prizes :

Darlie 2

All you’ve gotta do is be the white helicopter and mine for deep sea mineral salts.

Darlie P

It’s so easy to play and if you win, you get to go to Mount Fuji, Japan! 8)


Nothing can buy this feeling of confidence after using Darlie All Shiny White. Everything sparkling, and shiny max. Check your breath and notice how great it smells too!


So remember, wear a shiny white smile – because one size fits all. 😉

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  1. i’m a loyal darlie user since the darkie time! 😀

    1. somehow i think Chinese families like to use Darlie. dunno how or y.. hmm!

  2. Darlie also ?haha

    you know what, cos ‘chinese wan to have darker skin(牙膏)’ i think hahaha!!1

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