A Beautiful Mess

No you didn’t do anything wrong to me, and there’s no reason for you to see this ridiculously tangled mess…


But hey! Wait and see until the end. 🙂

If you are an accessories lover like me, you might understand the pain (refer picture above) that i’m going thru; which happens every now and then.

i knew i had to sort this mess out, but tidying requires some kinda mood, you know? ha ha!!


i used to have all my accessories chucked into 4 of these boxes / trays. Then came a sudden realization that accessories aren’t cheap. In fact, sometimes they cost as much as a dress!

Having that said, it is only fair that i give them equal treatment.


i, am gonna move the 4 trays of mess, and reduce the space into 2 drawers; like what you see above.

This space was previously misused too, with my extra makeup stuff. Now,


TAA DAAA!!! 8)


Oh well, my camera lens can’t fit the whole stretch. Therefor :


This is Box A – where i keep all my dangling necklaces; categorized to Fairy Tale box, Hippie box, Silver & Gold box, and earrings.

Here is a blog post by Sakura Blossoms on how to make a DIY jingly jangly earring board. 😉


Box B is where i store all my bracelets; categorized the same way as the 1st. i noticed that i have a subconscious liking for feathers. lol~


And finally, my dressing drawer is tidy. i’m so glad i finally did it! Now i can accessorize my outfit & makeup all at one go, baybeh~! 😀


Here’s a nest of cupcake lip-glosses and Dior eau de toilettes.


After tidying The Mess, i lit up some scented candles in my chamber for a more romantic ambience, and took a long hot shower.

That’s how i remind myself about how good life can be sometimes. What about you? 😉

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  1. so many things that i can’t use. lol

  2. Wow. That was some tidying !!! haha I have a huge mess tooooo~ Only my ear rings are hung up nicely on a self-made polystyrene board 😀 But everything else? MESS @.@

    Your nice drawers of accessories are an inspiration !!! lol xD

    1. Ooo.. maybe u can do a blog post of how u did the the DIY board. maybe i can get some inspiration from u too! 😀

      1. Ahaha, maybe I will ! 😀
        Thanks !

      2. I’ve just finished the blog post about it. Check it out if you like 😀

  3. Totally tidy and i bliv u hv put a lot of effort!! And oh gosh Cindy you did it with taste 🙂
    Inspired me to clean up my mess for new year 2011!

    1. Clean It CLEAN IT!! do it b4 X’mas, light it with candles… get inspired! 😉

  4. fuhh. the amount of accessories =D that’s a lot of tidying!

    1. haha! that’s y~ took me whole evening / night weih.. T_T

      1. if only i can be motivated enough like you are to clean my mess! =)

      2. just gotta pull it all together~! u’ll do it one day 😉

  5. hehe this sure take a few hours to tidy up …

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