Drops .

i was totally clueless about what to get a|x for Christmas but when i actually thought long and hard about it, a list came out.

i can’t “read out loud” the list here (just in case i need to use it for future surprises), but here is what i made. 🙂


They are photo frames that look like film rolls! Don’t you think they’re cool? i think it’s pretty creative~

There are only 3 easy steps to make this gift. So if you missed out anyone’s Christmas present, perhaps this can be a good idea.

1. Choose the pictures you like, and develop them


A single ‘film strip’ can fit 7 pictures. Make sure they are only vertical. To make it more artistic, don’t just develop pictures of people. Try sceneries, his / her favourite pet, a sculpture, or any shots you find interesting.

p/s: if you are really running out of time to develop pictures, PRINT ’em!! for artistic shots, use magazine cutouts, or write personalized notes!

2. Go to IKEA and get Drops at the Frames section


i got two – one for me, one for a|x. There’s a bit of wave on ’em, so make sure you don’t bend ’em too much.

3. Insert the final selection of pictures into the frame


and you’re DONE! You can either hang ’em, or let ’em stand on the floor. They look gorgeous both ways. 8)

i never told a|x that was his X’mas gift as it was a bit too early, but the whole process was fun~ Since they can’t be wrapped, this was how i presented ’em  :

i hid them behind those gold curtains and told him to sit on my bed as i’m gonna play him a “film”. Then there was a lot of laughing going on – for at least 5 minutes cuz i was too shy… and 3, 2, 1, ACTION!!!

You’re welcome to imagine his facial reaction after that.  ^^

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  1. Did he like it? I bet he did, who wouldn’t? It’s cute!!!

  2. That is pretty ! And the pictures of you guys are sooooo sweet ! He must have loved it ! 😀

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