KitKat Rubies


With the festive and holiday season around the corner, I found myself at a lost of what to buy as a good gift for my extended family and friends. Truth is, I was never a fan of giving or receiving edible presents; mainly because I use to forget ever owning them once they are consumed. It was not until I shared this thought with my best friend, Ai Rene, who in the contrary told me that chocolates are one of her favorite things to receive, especially from people who are not too close with her.

“But why?” I asked, really puzzled. “Because then I won’t have to worry about where to store gifts I don’t need or want such as assorted mugs or picture frames.” #TRUETHAT, GIRL! This year, chocolate has become my go-to gift option. And when I said “chocolate”, I meant, KitKat Rubies, which launched recently because they are packed so GORGEOUSLY.


{The all new KitKat Rubies is now officially launched!}


{Chef Thierry Martin, the creator of Rubies, and me}


{The box comes in 2 layers, and each individual piece is wrapped beautifully in ruby red packaging}


{Imagine smooth velvety truffle with roasted hazelnuts that comes with every bite of our favorite good ol’ KitKat}


{Me and blogger friend, Red Mummy; one in red dress, one in red lips; specially for the red event}


{It was simply irresistible}


{Lucky us, we got to be part of a chocolate workshop that brought us through the process of making KitKat – tempering, mixing / moulding, cooling, and de-moulding}


{Messy never looked so yummy!}


{Sixth Seal and I getting our plastic bags ready}


{Garnish selections for our personalized KitKat}


{Bloggers at work}


{Mine was all about cookies and strawberries}


{Pouring my mixture into the mould}


{Blogger friends at the event}


{If you too, are wondering what to get your family and friends this X’mas, look no further!}

This post is brought to you by KitKat, a brand that we all love. Thank you so much for supporting cool, awesome companies that keep Cin City alive.


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