5 Cinspirations

The series “5 cinspirations” wouldn’t make sense if they don’t inspire. This week’s installation ranges from makeup and fashion, food and entertaining, and a taste of love in between; which is exactly what this blog is made of. Have a cinspiring weekend!

1. This red lip kit

MAC ruby woo

{for existing in beautiful, inspiring names}

2. This dress

zara dress

{for its colors of the American flag, which I can’t wait to wear on my trip to the states; happening in only 2 days now!}

3. This candid shot of us

mantra bangsar

{for stealing a sweet moment from a good time that flies}

4. This wicked homecooked arroz de tomate

portuguese tomato rice

{because I love it every time É introduces a new Portuguese dish to me, and for the solid 2 hours fun we spent in the kitchen making rissois <3}

5. These fabrics for the dining table

zara home

{for offering a myriad of textures and hues albeit in the same color}


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